Why is it 20% chance to summon is generally 100% chance in GW?!

I fought a team today that was using the Thief class & (thanks to summoning) I ended up facing 11 troops (4 original troops, 6 Bandits, 1 Sister of Shadow) altogether! Now, in my opinion, facing over 2&1/2 separate teams in a battle is ridiculous! I mean, c’mon… 20% is not supposed to mean every time the hero takes damage it summons a bandit! It’s supposed to mean 20% of the time, a Bandit will appear, but that’s not the case during GW. The percentages are always way-way off.
According to statistics, if I hammered a nail 5 times & 20% of those times I hit my thumb with the hammer, it would mean I hit my thumb 1 time out of the 5 times I hammered… i.e.; 20%. Now, I’m not sure what statistics class the devs have taken, because it sure seems as if they’re idea of 20% is far different. According to their statistics I’d have hit my thumb all 5 times & I’d be going to the emergency room, rather than simply nursing a sore thumb!! :laughing: But seriously, I was really pissed today because I know I did not hit my opponent 30 plus times in order to get 6 Bandits, so WTF is up??! I’m not one to complain, nor do I blame the RNG for my loss, but when you kill 10 troops & the 10th one is the hero & then get killed by yet one more Bandit that popped up after the hero died… then yea, I’m complaining. I have no issue with summoning, but keep it legit. If it says 20% make it 20% not the 100% it seems to be during GW battles.

Okay…my rant is over. Thank you, to any who listened. :grin:


Tell em my dragon Queen. :grin::+1:

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So that bandit concern?
35% chance to spawn so

Feels like

This road has been well travelled.


Haha :rofl: damnnnnn

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@Cookie :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right ha ah my bad. Back on topic.


Remember the game ‘is working as intended’ weavergate


No, I don ‘t feel stupid at all for mixing up Sister of Shadows’ 20% & bandit’s 35%!! :rofl: Duh! My bad… Thank you, Cooks, for correcting me, however, my theory is still intact b/c 6 Bandit’s today is still far above 35%!

Well I heard Bandits in my ears so that’s what I went with 35% bandit, 25% Heronath and 20% Sister of Shadow so yeah math. 35+25+20= 100% bandit. (that missing part to make 100% isn’t from Thief class they stole 20% of the 35% from giant spider from Orbweaver class makes perfect sense. How didn’t I see it before?

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That isnt how stats work. 20% chance to hit your thumb doesn’t guarantee one thumb whack every five hits. That 20% just means over a large sample size, 1/5 of the hits are thumb whacks. For example, over a large sample of 1,000,000 hits, roughly 200,000 are thumb smacks.

But, in that same sample, if you grab five random hits to analyze like you did, there is no guarantee only one is a thumb whack. Maybe none are. Maybe all are.

So, what happened to you in GW is completely possible and the 20% still correct. Your sample size is too small to indicate anything.

Am I saying the game is correct with 20%? Nah. I have no idea. But, your example doesn’t disprove the claimed 20% either.


These rates are manipulated based on, lets use team score. As your team score goes up, to simulate difficulty, they also raise these percentages.

The 35% becomes 40-50%. The AI is very basic and I am sure you have seen things like when you have their first troop entangled, you see a skull match, you know you can take a mana match and leave that skull match for the AI because they take it every time. They increase the rates to avoid having to “tune” the AI, without having to do much.

Also, they admitted to manipulating the AI for new players. The reality is they do it for everyone.


Bandit is the only troop in the game that causes me to curse when I see it.

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Guessing, Devs accidentally added 0 in the code. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 350%

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When they said this, they meant just the AI. The AI is dumb and will miss four gem matches for example on low level fights.

This does not mean the likelihood of a skill proccing is different.

Because they (Devs) made CPU like this so people can sometimes lose 1 out of 50 matches. Do I agree with it, no. CPU is so weak in this game that they coded it in a way that it cheats versus human. Makes me laugh my ass off thinking of…

You’re right, my sample population is too small to do an accurate statistical calculation; however, I still believe my hypothesis to be correct. I believe the Bandit shows up far more than the stated 35%. I’ve heard too many of the same stories as mine to not think where there’s smoke, there’s a fire burning. If you do not believe that to be true, that is fine…we can agree to disagree. :wink:

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Because guild wars is deliberately rigged in favour of the defending team. So a 20% chance ends up being more like a 60% chance

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We’ll be keeping our eye on them Izzy! Kill those Bandits on sight! haha

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