Bandits Summoning Percentage (Not a bug)

I know we’ve had the conversation about summoning bandits and that they were supposedly fixed. Honestly I believed they were fixed for a time.

BUT, I was just testing my team for Guild Wars. First couple of matches had nothing noteworthy. Third match, however, the thief talent spawned FIVE CONSECUTIVE bandits. They stopped spawning so went on to kill Irongut… another bandit. Killed that, then killed the hero - upon the hero death - ANOTHER BANDIT. If this is 35% chance then the AI needs to play the lottery.

I can’t help but think the AI is hellbent on screwing everyone over during GWs. “Oh, it’s that week? Let me at ‘em!”


Please don’t come at me with a whole book of an explanation as to why this is working as intended…

5 bandits is nothing! Wait until you’ve killed 8. :frowning:

No one sane believe Bandit summoning is working as intended. It’s only fun to have probability discussions when it’s clear there’s a misunderstanding of probability. I think we’re just learning that even 30% or whatever they nerfed it to is a bit too frequent.

35% is too frequent for the AI even though when I’m upgrading my delves quality at 85% it fails 2-3 times in a row :thinking:

Hey, I’m not sure what else to tell you here other than it it’s working as intended? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sorry, I know that’s not what you want to hear but when this conversation has come up before the team has checked the spawn percentage and it’s correct. This is likely why it appears to be “fixed” awhile ago - we didn’t change anything, it’s just the chance at work making you extremely unlucky (and lucky).