50% chance to summon a bandit


The 50% chance to summon a bandit is either broken as hell, or way too overpowered.
For the 3rd or 4th time today, I fought a low level pvp fight and ended up fighting a never ending spawn of bandits.
Because of the stealth ability, you can not focus on them., and so you kill 2 bandits and have 2 appear. Kill another 2 bandits, have another 2 appear. Over and over and over and over. IF you are lucky enough to be able to kill 2 at a time.
With no soul generating or necromancy, i just scored 18 souls for my last fight, meaning 14 bandits spawned before i was lucky enough to have this BS end, and this was a quicker end than some of these fights.
It can often be well over 20 to 30 for 1 fight vs the bandit spawning class.
[It never happened that much when i used the class].

This really needs adjusting/fixing/nerfing … something!
It is no fun to be stuck in a pvp fight that just never ends.
I know something like the dragon soul damages everyone … but there is no warning that the person you are fighting is one of these fights … otherwise i would never bother.

Can you please do something about this, its no fun and just horrible to encounter.
[or at least make things like this obvious when looking at pvp foes]

When i see the" death mark all when i die" trait, i avoid those fights [as i have lost a fight because all 4 of my guys died at once, also lost 2-3 in a turn too, so i skip these, but nothing clearly shows the bandit spawning guys, as its not a trait, its a class skill]


You can view the selected class traits on the enemy hero traits screen like below (left hand side of screen).

But i agree that the bandit summon does get out of hand in many occasions.
They should limit the number of summons or reduce the % rate.


Ah, never knew that … still hate it, and really don’t want to have to remember to do that for every pvp fight


Agreed. Sometimes it never triggers and other times it actives every single time making it very difficult to win. Even at 25% would be annoying (Looking at you Infernal King and Dragon Soul) but it is a lot more manageable than 50%).


Yeah its not just the difficulty to win … its how frustrating and boring it is, and how much it makes me want to quit doing any pvp …having the same troop die and reappear instantly 14 times in a row without a single break or failure to respawn … its just BS … i mean who wants to deal with that or thinks that’s fun.

I don’t mind loosing to a cleaver team that works better than you expected … but win or loose, the bandit thing is no fun. It also makes what should be a short fun bash, into a tedious long drawn out slog. So rather than getting in 4-5 quick bashes while on a break, i am returning to work, still engaged in an annoying slog that makes me want to just quit bothering with pvp … and once you start quitting big chunks of the game … how long till its all just too much hassle to bother?


Honestly i am feeling a bit burnt out with all the crud to do in the game, a whole bunch i just skip [class events for any class i already have] … most i only have fleeting interest in. I think if stuff like this makes me give up on pvp, that not a lot else remains to keep me interested.


There is already a thread about this.


Hahahahahahaha " percentages in Gems of War round up to the nearest 90%. Only applies to the AI tho" … brilliant, could not have said it better.


Stun the hero. Bandits will drop to 0% then.


They mentioned the hero having stealthy. Can’t stun the hero directly unless you have a troop that can indirectly or full stun the entire enemy team (We don’t know what they were using) and I bet in the future we will get a class that will give barrier on brown, stealthy, 30% skull dodge, 50% chance to summon a bandit, fortitude, 5 gold per turn (Cough Skeleton Key Cough) and submerge on four or five matches to make the ultimate pain to kill.


EK don’t care about stealth. Or any of the other troops that cause stun without Targetting the troop.
All I’m saying is there’s a counter to it. Yes it’s annoying to have to deal with bandits. But constant nerf cries for things that already have counter balances are more annoying.
It’s not the fault of the OP. This is the place for feedback. He’s giving feedback. But stunning the hero is a great solution to the OP’s issue. With no dev involvement required.


The funny thing is TDS had exactly this problem and they nerfed it to shut people up after they did math and proved the RNG showed bias towards streaks.

Then they re-implemented it in a more powerful fashion.


Having a hero with stealth and in 3rd position is the worst.

By the way hello there boys :wave::wave:

By the way as you can see in the screenshot already 3 bandits were added to the corpse pile :joy:


Ah yes, the infamous Fire Bombs with the sneaky Dawnbringer slid into third slot and having the “50%” triggering every time. Oh the memories of the hell those battles were but here’s the thing, at least they were winnable compared to using 4 Baby Dragon’s due to a stupid weapon.

While I am mixed on Ubastet, he is very amazing at sniping at the hero if one of the bandits is in kill range with the hero. Else… just pray they don’t have a conga line of bandits ready to jump in one after the other.


Rock Solid = Stone 40
Fortitude = Stone 100
Deluge = Water 40
Stealthy = Shadow 40
Light Fingers = Cunning 10
Bandits = Cunning 20
Dodge = Cunning 70

Your dream hero won’t be existing any time soon and even if it did, its very unlikely to get a 50% mana start from a source.


It was a joke. Of course I wouldn’t want that. Figured I would do the absolute worse case scenario.