50% Bandit Summon

PLEASE nerf the 50% bandit summon. Either lower it to 30% or maybe lose 5% per summon. You could optionally just make it to where a dead summoned bandit can not summon another bandit (why isn’t it already like this?). Having to fight 20 bandits per match is just not fair or fun. I usually bump into this with an already extremely cheap team so even if I defy the odds and the gems fall in my favor, I still lose because of their seemingly infinite bandits that have 50 health and 50 armor.

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I’d like to see talents like this have extra text:

50% chance to summon a Bandit when an ally (that is not a Bandit) dies.

This would prevent the sometimes never-ending bandit games, while still preserving the flavor and feel of the talent.


This is me every time a bandit spawns after I kill off a card:


Then this me when a bandit spawns after I kill the bandit that spawned after I killed off a card:


Now there’s two things that can happen:

  1. I kill them all and take a break from the game


B- they kill me and I throw tantrum and start rolling on the floor in my living room and start swearing, yelling, crying, and hyperventilating at the same time. Yes, it’s pathetic and juvenile but it’s still fun to me!!! :smile:

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Tips 1 : a dead hero doesn’t summon bandits.

Tips 2 : a stealthed hero loses its stealth trait with just bandits on team. A hero without stealth = a dead hero.

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Thats why I did not trait bandit :stuck_out_tongue:

Summoning bandits = longer battles = less gold made in the time you have to play. Devs are smart. I 100% believe the summon meta we have upon us was intentional to lower how much gold income higher guilds are making.

They dont need to lower the percentage, just make 50 percent really 50 percent and not a hidden 80 percent boost for the ai



Nuke the entire team from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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The % isnt boosted for ai only and apply to all “summon” skills, real problem of back up is that work for entire team, just change it to damage on hero only like Orbweaver spiders or Bard golems and problem solved (better like spiders that appear on armor damage too, bard golem only appear on life damage but are way stronger than bandits with impervious and true damage skill).

Yes, these are good hints.

“To deal with a situation where the problem is you can’t reach the slot 3 hero because you can’t punch through slots 1 and 2, use this simple trick: kill slots 1, 2, and 4 and then the hero loses stealth!”




Just lower the %. Problem solved.

It doesn’t work if Bandit do not has Stealth trait.
That’s why I’m not going to upgrade my Bandid card.

Only AoE skills with huge damage, skills that deal positional damage or position swap skills can help here

but agree this is too powerful trait