Thief's Backup is broken now?

I was in PvP and I swear it feels like Backup Bandit happens like 100% of the time. What is going on? I thought it’s only 35% chance? It certainly doesn’t feel 35%.

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I had a GWs fight I lost today after Bandits appeared continuously. I stopped counting at 10. I ended up losing one match even after I killed the entire team as I had one troop left and a Bandit spawned on Hero death and killed me with skulls

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I fought two pvp where I bought at least 3-4 Bandits. Is this a bug? Yup. Those two fights I end up fighting 3-4 of them after I cleared the original team.

I believe it’s bugged.

There’s a very straightforward solution to the near-endless spawning problem, one that already exists in game mechanics elsewhere.



I’d also say another mechanic also exists. Stun. Sadly in GW this is a less viable option, but OP mentioned PvP not GW(unless their PvP battles were in GW). Either way i’d say it’s annoying along with the orbweaver spiders and if they did change this feature I would just suggest putting a cap on the amount that can spawn. Not sure if we will ever see a drastic change to this though.

They added 2 mana to the cost! Fixed!!!

Meanwhile they allow people to refund stealthy…

Then add in the fact that it summons far more commonly than 35%.

This is laziness and complete ignorance to how their game works.

It has become typical of this dev team. As long as the store works, everything else is working as intended. Even the growing list of bugs that they admitted to that date back years.