The key kills 4 of you're troops in one shoot?

Is that a new thing now.
In GW today the key killed 4 of my troops in one shoot. Never seen that happened before.

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Probably that 7% instant kill chance triggering twice.
You should play lotto right now!
Same chance of getting it basically


Wow. So the 7% kicked inn twice. Amazing. 2 kill with the key. And 2 kill with 7%. Hehe.

Thanks JZG

I had this happen in my favor during some event a couple of weeks ago The RNG was really on my side and I was zapping fools left and right with whatever instakill I had equipped.

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4 turns and the game was over . Plus i lost my winning streak. Wiped out 3 mythic multi color cards and my hero . Like right now . Screen shot that setup ,yup sure did .

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I had that happen in my favour as well a couple of times.
Even crazier, once without even doing anyting actually.

Fought vs a Fire bomb - Lust - JoE - Lust team in pvp, using my SK/thief team. The opponent’s fire bomb went off on turn 2, and his whole team got wiped instantly by the snowballing 7% chance to kill.

I was like LOLWUT??

I said kudos and gave it a honour point🤣

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Forgive the newb question, but what 7% chance are you guys talking about?

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This trait


Gotcha! My thief is only at 45 so I had no idea. Thanks.

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Its every Where , my guild members are talking about this setup . 4 moves and 3 multi color mythic cards wiped out and myself . In 4 moves . Sounds more like a 100 percent chance to me . Why bother even playing against that setup . Your just gonna lose . Its Not worth it anymore . Something needs to change ,BAD . Unless this is away to make people stop playing PVP . If thats the case , you guys nailed it !!! Waisted to much time to have it just striped away from me .

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