Bait and Switch PVP

I’ve had 2 battles so far today alone where I swear they had to be a bait and switch. The AI gave me 3 battles to choose from the lowest being 3500 and the highest around 5500. I picked the 5500, but when the battle started there were 3 legendary cards and 1 mythic and every card had all its traitstones. There was enough armor and health that there was no way this team could be 5500. To top that off it played like a 8000 team and I got my ass handed to me.

Has anyone else been having this problem?

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Yes, I have, but I’ve honestly beaten troops that were higher than mine, a lot of the time. I don’t know what those numbers really stand for anyway if this sort of stuff happens. What do they stand for? How much traits the team has? How much health they have? How strong they are? I have been on the other end of what you’re going through I just ignore those numbers and battle them, unless it’s a troop that obviously can out match my own. In the end I just get around it.

Assuming the formula is similar to how it is on PC, it is TECHNICALLY possible that it was around the 5500 mark. A team of fully traited Mythics at level 20 would get you a power score of 5500 before kingdom/mastery bonuses were factored in. So if they are a low level hero then it’s possible their team score is lower than you might assume.

I think that is the most plausable answer. The person was only at level 140. But still it sucks because you go into the battle execting one thing and then it turns out to be something completely different. My personal opinion here is that if you have a deck that has all it’s traits and most of the cards are top tier than their should be a diffult size for that deck. I understand that a much lower level person has a deck larger than my own but to evaulate them almost a 1000 points behind me with that much firepower is like saying it was a fair fight watching North Korea decimate the United States. Yes he’s a got a few nukes but we have enough to level his country, and then make a nice deep hole for an afterthought!

I get this 1 in 5 fights with my newer account. This bug is ooooollllllllld :frowning: