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Why are they not nerfing Queen B and King Gobtruffle?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how broken these two Legendary troops are. You see them in like 50% of pvp matches. They loop/multi-turn to a point that you just want to throw up. They make most “support” characters suck because they CANNOT support when they just keep looping.

It’s such a waste of so many support troops.

Why does Queen B do so much true damage while only costing 16 mana and creating 18 gems and having 40% chance to gain half mana back or extra turn? WTF is this design? She should be a mythic costing at least 28. And what’s worst is she freaking Cleanse All ???

And Gobtruffle just loops and loops while doing good All Damage and Disease and only costing 17?? He and Queen B should be costing at least 25 just for gem creation.

Look at this week’s new mythic Ishara. This dragon can only create 8 gems.

I started this game in April but have been playing a lot. Can someone explain to me why Queen B and Gobtruffle never got nerfed? It makes ZERO sense to me. these two are so broken.

Yao Guai is a bit broken too with that massive damage and conversion but he is at least more manageable than Queen B and Gobtruffle.


A good team with both Gray King and Obsidius might be effective against Beetrix and Gobtruffle.

Of course, I think I just proved your point by specifying a couple of mythics to go against a couple of legendaries. Never mind.


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I don’t care if a small number of troops have a chance to beat Queen B and Gobtruffle because I am sure these two have like 99% chance against everybody else if they start the turn! The point is their design does not make sense! Their mana cost is way too low for what they do.

All Goblins should have at least 35-50% less Stats than others because they gain extra turn. Many troops gain extra turn only if certain conditions are met.

Gobtruffle should only hit one target and Queen B should never Cleanse All and her True damage is higher than 95% of all true damage I’ve seen. That’s just ridiculous.

Both troops are legendary because that is the highest rarity available for delve troops. Plus they are designed that way to support the strategy set by the developers for their delves (Queen Beetrix for Deep Hive, Gobtruffle for Amanithrax).

They might be able to tweak their numbers a bit but doing the changes you want would ruin their delve teams. Plus honestly, troops like these are a godsend for newer or lower level players.


Bring web, freeze, silence, or stun. Web, freeze, silence easily stifle GT and Stun wont allow Beetrix to cleanse. Essence of evil will take care of either with almost no issue at all. They can’t be stealthy so make them your first target.

I assume you are newer to the game. We all
Had that one or two troops that took a bit to figure out how to counter, but those two are very easy to take out with the right team.


I see you don’t read what I said. I didn’t say they don’t have “counters”. I am saying their design is completely out of whack for their mana cost. Learn to read.

Web, silence and mana drain only works for a while because Queen B can easily 4 links to Cleanse All and mana gain is super easy as she only costs 16!!!

I may be newer to the game but I do pretty darn well in pvp. Yes, I can bring a Persistence team to kill Goblin team easier but that’s just one counter. How many teams do these two troops kill?

They make most Support characters useless because they just keep on looping and looping with ease. Some troops can loop but need to have the setup (Luna x 2 + Stormcaller is my favorite or Achmagus with Madness storm setup)

The point of this thread is these two troops are BROKEN for their mana cost.

Who cares about Delve team? If you need to cheat by just looping around all the time so the AI can’t fight back, then it’s a BAD design. I enjoy using Tinseltail team for Delve if I need green. This dragon supports, attacks and debuff but it’s not broken because they can’t keep looping and looping.

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Actually I disagree that Queen B and Gob are a godsend for newbies. They make newbies realize how broken these two troops are and 99% of the other troops are pretty inferior. I don’t mind playing something that is more rare but I see these two like 75% of the time in pvp.

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I am amazed by some of you who think Queen Q and Gob are “fairly designed” because they have some “counters”. The counters you have for them work pretty well on most other troops too. That’s not a real “counter”. That does not change the fact that their design is completely out of whack.

They seem to have an equation for Mythic to do all damage with 8 gems and 25 mana. However, Queen B creates 16 gems, doing all true damage while having 40% chance to gain extra turn or half mana back and cleanse all and only costs 16 mana!!!

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Those 2 troops were designed specifically for Delves 500 faction runs. I just don’t see how they can nerf those troops because of a perceived imbalance in PVP without greatly affecting 500 faction delves.


You can respond and disagree with people who have been playing this game for years that doesn’t make them “out of whack.” Clearly you don’t want the advice needed to not have to worry about them, so ill leave you to do whatever it is you are doing here.


Tinseltail is NOT a faction troop and cannot be used for all faction delves, which many people care about a great deal. Gobtruffle and Queen Bee are two useful troops, but rather than nerfing them I would suggest buffing the myriad troops that are completely unusable in their current state.


It’s not “perceived” imbalanced. It IS imbalanced in pvp or any battle. I don’t need advice because I constantly rank top 30 or 20 in pvp but I know I beat them only because I start battle first.

What I am doing here is to point a simple fact that these two troops are out of whack in so many ways. And I don’t want them to balance other troops based no how many "loops’ you can do.

They should just introduce Turn Breaker after TWO consecutive spell casts and let the opponent move. Freeze is good to stop one round so it is still good. Freeze is a bonus. Freeze should not be the only thing that stops the loops. Turn Breaker will provide so many opportunities for Support troops o actually have time support.

As for 500 level delve, constantly looping gets very boring and it feels cheap.

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Yes there is a counter to everything in the game ; but you need the counter. Do we have the counter suggested, well the truth is often no; because key after key or whatever; we dont get the troop. Its actually not as easy as you might suggest to get a particular troop and I’m not talking mythic here; some players just dont get troops ; I’m level 1400+ and only have 2 Malcandessa; it never drops; its never offered or whatever, sweet jesus I was over level 1000 before I got one single Abhorath. Suggest away; suggest away with counters; not all of us have them ; some troops just, just; just do not come a players ways in upgradable numbers ; even with a healthy VIP input. Well its RNG. Its RNG . Well it can RNG itself . Oh and nerf and nerf everything ; might help ; might not.

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Why do you think that all legendaries must be at par with each other? Why can’t there be troops of same rarity while some of them are crazy good? There is absolutely no need to nerf or buff any or all troops until they all are at same level within rarity. It is alright to have a couple of legendaries that are better than 60% of the mythics.

Having only a few troops to counter them is also cool. Build something that can counter these, even if it means you can only make 1 or 2 teams. Use a class that has Deluge talent or use Obsidius or use a skull spammer team or use a 2xempowered converter team that doesn’t let the enemy play at all.

I don’t see a reason why they need to be nerfed, in my honest opinion. @chinesefollower

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Leave the couple alooooone (Queen & King)…

I believe your issue is you play too much pvp and see them all the time and have to change your speed team to counter them. :slight_smile:
every nerf destroys the soul of the game little by little

i’d suggest you petition for out of whack people not using them in pvp defense. that’s a more noble cause you’ll find lots of supporters


We had similiar discussion about Life&Death especially used by classes that have summon and are stealthy… thing is: there is no best troop/weapon in this game, each of them can be countered. one easier, others with more planning
and there are also weapons/troops that need specific setup to be usefull at all. that how this game is build. there is no balance between troops and weapons, some are better than others and that’s it.

as for Queen B and Gobt looping - some time ago, Rope Dart teams were also seen by some, as problem… yao teams… there are many team which are stronger than others, this is, each of them can be countered

my advice for you would be: if gobtruffle /beetrix teams are annoying you - just skip them, and do other battles

Why nerf legendaries when what you should be really doing is boost the so many mythics that plainly suck in this game?


If these 2 are “out of whack” then Queen is certainly more wacky than king because it’s a much more powerful troop by far. But both are a fundamental part of successful pure teams in their respective factions. They thus cannot and should not be nerfed. In fact it is very refreshing to actually have the odd troop that can be used in general play as opposed to the vast majority of faction/raid/invasion/bounty etc troops that go into immediate retirement as soon as their 15 minutes of fame is over with. Beetrix is a grt troop although I rarely use GT because he is a poor imitation. But everyone has opinion on what is or isn’t overpowered. The danger is to scream for nerfs and ruin the troop or weapon forever. If you can beat it then great stuff. I note that you refer mainly to pvp so why not just skip it like many folks do with LD teams. Bee and Truffle are just fine as they are.

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Queen B does not need Cleanse All. That is just crazy for everything she brings to the table. You have a mythic like Orpehus who can cleanse all with Yellow match but he is pretty horrible at everything else.
I find it shocking that many of you don’t see how overpowered Queen B and Gob are. Their spells are completely out of equation. A typical gem creators don’t do that much damage while costing only 16-17 mana and looping for 2 more turns. A typical 8 gem creator with aoe damage is like Ishara and Elemaugrim who cost 25 mana!!!

They should just introduce Turn Breaker. Stop constant loops. Let support troops to actually have a chance to support. Freeze is nice but it shouldn’t be the only option.

All the counters to Queen and King also work on other troops so it’s not like the counters are designed for them. In fact, trying to shut down Queen with web/silence is hard as she cleanses herself out. Stun is better but if Queen starts looping, you are done anyway.

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Yes. Life and Death is way overpowered. It should have no Bless on it. Crazy to have both Enchant and Bless on the same weapon while draining mana from the first troop.

And I can beat Queen/King team pretty easy with Persistence team. The point of this thread isn’t that I can’t beat them. The point is they dominate too much with their overpowered stats/spell. Out of whack!