New Goblin to OP!

look this WTF :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Only in 1 Turn. Endless Loop and Extra Turn WOW.


Wow, that looks pretty ridiculous. Better get level 500 faction delve done in case they change it :stuck_out_tongue:

This Faction really ez with this broken Goblin lol
And the same in the Def i lose in 2 Turn OMG

There are too many words in your title.

Once you say “new goblin” the “too OP” or “bad idea” part is implied.

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I know it but this is my honest opinion. :grin:

There was nothing dishonest about mine.

Every Goblin has a free turn as part of its ability. Almost every ‘this is broken’ or ‘please nerf this’ thread has, at its heart, a situation where the opponent got free turns. If one thinks (and I do) that free turns are a mistake, then by default any troop that automatically gets a free turn is a mistake, and making it a racial trait is a “Gems of War” level mistake.

They have done the same mistake with Princess Fizzbag. A mana generator with extra turn is always going to tip the battle heavily. Not to mention that this new goblin is an elemental… Well helloooooo 50% mana start.

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think about what you can do with it for broken teams or not?

Sure with elemental 50% we all know that how exaggerated that is with Goblin(s).

Sick team.

Will u guys please stop trying to handicap things that are useful for high level delves, towers, etc

All for the sake of a couple pvp wins
I’d add in GW, but it only affects bracket 1 players rewards anyway, the rest get the same rewards no matter the placement within the bracket
Learn to lose gracefully please


Lv. 500 Delve Boss Room in 1 Turn. It is a joke.

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Took the nerfsquad 2 days to heat up.
Record breakingly overpowered reaction.
Nerf the nerfsquad plox nao go.