Gobtruffle balance

Do I need to explain? There was almost a full 2 minutes worth of this before I even started recording. Ignore the fact I won. Imagine being new to the game and this happens to you…


There was reasonable discussion around this around his release

but I think you bring up the relevant point (and it’s not balance, so to speak, supported by what you said re: “Ignore the fact that I won”).

I think what you’re reasonably trying to say is that it’s no fun being forced to sit back and watch while the AI plays – and this IS a point that the Devs have responded to in the past back when Goblins were being more annoying (although I was still a young account at the time, tbh).

I don’t have too much to add or weigh in, here – I’ve only had Gobtruffle loop a little bit annoyingly against me a couple of times. I can see what you’re saying, though – if he’s looping, it’s not a fun part of the game to be in (a very powerless and boring/annoying situation).


In my opinion, this is the least annoying and easiest to counter defense team in the entire game, comparing to other hardcore defense teams such as summon spawns + life & death, or empowered looping at first turn. Therefore, before jumping on the rage bandwagon and demand nerfing this and that, I think you should consider the fact that it is somewhat part of your responsibility to lead to that situation. Because the match duration is already half-way through, I can’t not fully judge the game is truely imbalance or not. Maybe your team is too mana-demanding and slow? Maybe you let the enemy match a lot of 4-match greens/browns to begin with?
Overall, looping is the key winner and fun in this game. You want your team get looping and win all the time but not the enemy? How is that even possible? If you want the game to be truely balance, a lot of troops need to be nerfed or removed.

Trust me, there’s more crazy shit in this game than this. And this team requires a delve troop, which is not that early in the game for a newbie to encounter.


Goblins have been a bad idea since they were first implemented, Gobtruffle is just the first really powerful one that plays really well with others. I wish I thought something would change, but for now I just skip those PvP teams.

IMO this team’s “only” as effective as Goblins usually is, which means it’s usually a win. I don’t care though because losing like how the video goes is painful and makes me irrationally angry. I don’t care about having a 90%+ win rate as much as I care about “not being angry at the game”, which is pretty hard to maintain.


I faced a few teams like this in the last GW.
Losing is something I don’t mind. Losing after getting only 1 turn and then sitting and waiting while the enemy grinds my health down (or in one case even somehow insta-killed my team (fast, but still incredibly “unfair”)), is simply NO FUN.
I’ve had a few battles, especially invasions, raids etc where I lost or barely won after 15 minutes OF ACTIVELY PLAYING and it was fun!


Don’t expect to feel peaceful and fair playing this game. Tell me one working pvp team or defense that make people say “wow, this is really fair and I enjoyed it”. Either you dominate them completely or they will destroy you, that’s all. Learn to accept it.

My point is: if one’s defense team works, it means losing to others and they feel annoyed and angry and whatever. Instead of looking at their own mistakes, or just let it go, they complain so everyone else can see.

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Also, talking about being hypocritical when people set annoying defense team and then proceed to file their complaints on this forum when they encounter another annoying defense teams.

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Green denial + Freeze = dead truffles. Grave Seer is empowered and converts green to something useless to gobtruffle team. Apophisis turns green to skulls, combine with archer & watch forest troll waste turn after turn on skull hits that do nothing. Gimlet converts to brown, I’m sure there are lots of different teams that can roll with brown. My fav is Tina. Scurvy Seadog converts to blue, so is risky, but take it with Winter’s Orb or Borealis & freeze them in their tracks. Gobtruffle is’nt half as annoying as L&D orbweaver teams.


People are lazy to change their tactics. They want their team to be the one win-it-all. So when they lose and their reality breaks apart, they cry and complain. As you have said, there are clearly a lot of tactics to counter it, yet Gobtruffle still becomes the scapegoat for being “too OP”.


Well it was simply a matter of time…

Everything that is not losing 100% of the times is OP and has to be nerfed​:fist::fist::fist::fist:
It’s faster and easier to make a nerf thread on the forums than to actually look thru the troop inventory for a suitable counterteam🤷


No actually as you can see I won that match and I win most of them against Gobtruffle or goblins because I have many fully traited cards and mythics. What I find to be hilarious however, is that when something OP that happens to have a solution is complained about, everyone comes out of the woodwork to explain the commonly known counters to that team as if it justifies the RNG getting 30+ free turns while you stare at the game playing itself.

I know most of you have reading comprehension disabilities but my post is in reference to new players who may play the game with limited cards and something like this will drive them away very quickly. It usually just results in an eye roll from me and I expect it. But as always when you mention anything OP, everyone has their opinion on the matter and the discussion starts to be about the possible band-aid solutions rather than focusing on the underlying problem because NOTHING could POSSIBLY be OP, right!?

Deal 20+ damage to all enemies? Create a mix of 16 gems that happens to include green to charge himself?.. then get an extra turn? oh don’t forget disease a random enemy on every 4 gem match. Yeah that’s completely fair and balance right? But nobody ever confronts the fact that those are issues. It’s just easier to deflect and instead focus on the band-aid that may or may not always work.

All these simple solutions but mention anything about orbweaver L&D counter for specific Guild War days and everyone is all about that secret sauce. “you’re just not looking hard enough”, “there is always an answer I just can’t tell you because I’m too smart and it would compromise my rank”.:ok_hand::+1:Kay. Your rebuttals are as predictable as the sun setting every night.


To be fair all you need to butcher gobs (either truffles or in general) is freeze that may come from lot of things, troops or classes, isnt really need the “take greens away” tactics either.

The typical truffly (or gobs team in general too) team lack also any form of cleanse usually.

Lot of classes get snap freeze as talent pretty early if nothing better is available.

Trullfy is osom on attack but i find him pretty hilarious in defs.

As for “new players” without any troops, any class, any weapon and with untraited stuff, well, i doubt they gotta fight those truffly teams if not sometimes doing 3 trophy’s matches and getting a LOT higher lvl opponent there.


To put it frankly. How many new players will/do encounter Gobtruffle teams actually?

I find it extremely hard to believe that pvp opponents in the low level/power player ranges have access to Gobtruffle and Maraji queen (or even the game knowledge to put together those crews). By the time one beats Sin of Maraji and unlocks Underworld, there should be enough troops in the bag to build efficient counterteams.

Same low level/power players are extremely unlikely to be in high/middle-high tier guilds, and almost surely won’t face Gobtruffles in GW either.

Gobtruffle is not an explore or pet rescue opponent either.

So while I can understand that it may be extremely annoying for a new player to face a Gobtriffle crew, the probability for that actually happening is so minuscule that it doesn’t justify a nerf thread🤷


SMH. If you have no idea how to beat a certain team just don’t battle it. As in skip match. No reason to Nerf it and make it useless for the ones of us that use that thing between our ears. Goodness. For the last time you are not supposed to win every single battle even though some of us seem to.


The point of this thread is rather to vent the own frustration vs a specific lineup that turns out to be more difficult than expected, while trying to disguise it as caring for newbies…

That particular part has a stink of hypocrysis on it. Nothing wrong with being annoyed at one or another lineup (I’m annoyed to hell and back by Tina lineups as well, or by bastion towers when using skull teams, for example), but it would be a bit more honest to say it straight so.


Yes I’m very angry that I won this match. I hate things that are challenging. I just want to hit one button and win. You’re EXACTLY right. Man your insight is simply pristine! Every single one of you elitist is able to see clearly into my mind and decipher my intentions based on a few sentences. I WILL admit that I did not think about the fact that a new player may not come into contact with Gobtruffle as much as a seasoned player but to outright call someone a liar and hypocrite is pretty low.

If you ask me your entire demeanor has a stink of narcissism and your arguments pale in comparison to your ego. You represent the cancer of this community when you refuse to acknowledge and instead belittle those that take the time to support the betterment of the game, whether or not you agree with them. You run out of logic and excuses that you start to insult the source instead of accepting, just maybe, there might be the smallest amount of truth in the opposition.

So you can continue to jump to conclusions all you want. I already had the exact same result in the L&D Orbweaver thread I started so I’m starting to accept that most of the people that play this game are just toxic people that don’t want to listen or change it in the slightest.


I hardly see it on Xbox because people are too busy putting up harder DEF. I laugh when I see the easy goblin. 1 out of 100 at most and the Nerf crew are out in force trying to make sure that one guy stops putting it as his Def. Rope Dart anyone :sunglasses:. It’s actually a way better troop to use on attack then on Def so maybe the Nerf police should think of that before crying.

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What was your full comp before the match, and the enemy’s? Don’t tell me you use skull spamming because the 2 top slots is still intact. Why would you deliberately kill the 2 bottom ones instead of their main source of power and looping which was one of the two goblins. You know you can cripple their lineup entirely if you kill one of them, right? You used an elmemental team which is basically one of the fastest troop type and with first turn, still managed to fail and lead to that situation. Did you intentionally throw the game just to prove your “point”?

Next time, post the full match before trying to complain.

Gobtruffle is a really good troop. It is really easy to beat with freeze Mab, Frostmage class, Tidecaller class, etc but is really helpful for lower levels to have a chance at beating delves, pet rescues and all the other scaling events that allow it.

The thing that is actually broken is empowered converters. Grave Seer with Life and Death, Moon Rabbit with Quilin and Rope dart, Moon Rabbit with Doomed Axe and Tai-Pan with Yao Guai.

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I’m too much of a casual to fully remember all the teams I’ve faced. But yes, I have definitely fought teams where I admired the creative synergy they had found, which made me work for my victory rather than instant dominance or defeat.
And if I lost to those teams I felt like shaking that players hand for putting up a good team. As opposed to a team like in the OP where I just feel like pushing the troll of a cliff. (Odds are I’ve just made at least 1 troll happy by posting that.)

If you ever face one of my teams that is undeniably annoying, which does not mean “my default team can’t quickly win against this”, but uses lockdown, extra turns, summon spamming or other methods which are meant to make the game last as long as possible or otherwise frustrate you (possibly to the point of forfeiting), please let me know and I will instantly replace that team.
Just because those teams exist, don’t claim that everyone who posts here uses them.
If anything your post sounds like “I use these teams and think it’s a fair method and you could use them as well so shut up.”

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