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Goblins...something is wrong here

Am i the only one noticing that goblins when used by AI…nobend and princess…spam destroy green/gems at way too large of a pace.???


It’s not new, that the main reason people are using them in GW. And yes 1/2 chance to explode look more like 2/2 :slight_smile:

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My thing is…it should be 33% chance in nobend…its literally 75% of the time.

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Who ever said that the odds of each outcome are the same?


Explosion + extra turn never been a good idea

Just look at infernus when he does 2-3x in a row his magic, you are lucky if you still got a troop alive after that

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Not new at all, lost 3 troops in “1 turn” today, thankfully not in GW.

Goblins are one of the reasons i like queen mabs on my pvp teams! snarf

Goblins has been a hated team for as long as I’ve played, even before Princess Fizzbang existed. You should’ve seen Fizzbang’s first form, before she had a stroke and lost some of her powers.

There’s no reasonable way to nerf them because the whole “get an extra turn” thing is what makes Goblins special. They’re generally seen as “not worthy of a nerf” too, because if you put almost any competent team against them, they need a high degree of luck to win.

If Fizzbang specifically boosts Nobend, you’re toast. If Fizzbang hits several explosions in a row, you’re toast. But if you’re fielding teams with freeze, or silence, or things like Emperor Khorvash that can eliminate mana… they need REALLY good luck to win.

I bring this up because Mab has been a terror for months and we’ve nerfed half the game to try and deal with Mab teams. But everything I can think of to nerf Mab herself sort of bothers me. Mab’s useful because she’s a legendary that can fit onto cheapy teams and help an early gamer out. Like TDS, the downside to that is she can interact poorly with other troops in terms of “fairness”.

Anyway, I think Mab teams and Goblin teams are in the same boat. They’re frustratingly OP when they get a lucky board. If you don’t have a fairly high-end team, the definition of “lucky” gets more broad. But when the dust settles, all of my PvP teams win vs. them about as frequently as my overall win rate.


Goblins were a PITA.

Now: Gob Chomper x 3, Mercy.

Makes short work of any Goblin Team and is pretty effective even when someone puts in eg Siren so you have to get rid of her before you can kill Princess Fizzbang.

I lowkey think the variant of the Goblins team that has Siren is especially miserable to face. I feel like I’m 10% more likely to lose to it, and wouldn’t be surprised if I found out I lose more to it than Nyxbringer.

Welcome to the new and improved “now much fairer to the AI” RNG.

I played the game when it was in its early days and took a break when Traitstones were first introduced and minor traitstones had a good chance of not dropping after battles. When I came back to this game awhile ago, I never liked Mab. Console had “Justice League” which was “fun”, but just looking at what she does, it spat over the balance I once knew the game for before I took a hiatus.

Look at what Mab does:

End-game, 20 starting Magic, so by the time she casts, she does 21 AoE damage boosted by mana other enemies collect, which is guaranteed. Its not out of the ordinary to hit 40+ AoE damage (+/- depending on enemy team fill) with her at some point after some Arcane trait triggers. Not only that, She can freeze a random enemy on 4/5 match which is a stronger free trait than some legendary skills by themselves (Orion, Venoxia anyone?). Also, she has a chance to get a free turn after that!

If I look back at the Legendary troops from my days, Behemoth, I just get disappointed. It does 21 AoE with no individual way to boost its magic damage. It has a life trait doesn’t even play into damage output either. Webspinner only does 15 AoE damage with an okay chance to get its turn back, which is nothing compared to Queen Mab with a free turn setup.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is there even a reason for Queen Mab to be that naturally strong? or the old troops to be so weak? maybe a bit of both?

Yes goblins are bugged and fizz explode to 100% in the 1st cast all gems to fill all other. 100%. i lose several matches in the very 1st turn against goblins, what is ridiculous but thats the game we play

But try mercy, alchemist, hellcat, titania +2yellow +1red -1green. wins over 98% of all normal matches in 1min (without troll nyx kraken/db mab) and deal mostly safe with freakin goblins

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AI control = 100% explode
Player control = 0% explode
Avg = 50% explode

The math works out.


Was just about to post a new topic but seems there is one already.

I fought against a goblin team today in Guild Wars and this was utter bullshit. I had only 3 turns. The rest of the turns was ALL goblin. Turn after turn after turn was for the AI. It was almost a mini movie… I could just sit back and watch how goblins would fill get an extra turn, would do damage to all my cards and get an extra turn and then fill up again and over and over and over. I could get up, get a drink, make some popcorn and by the time I was done it was still going.

BALANCE Gems of War: ‘B-A-L-A-N-C-E’. What is that word? I would say NERF it because how could I play a game when I don’t have any control? Like 1 goblin: 4 extra turns in a row, 2 goblins: 3 extra turns in a row, 3 goblins: 2 extra turns in a row, 4 goblins: 1 extra turn in a row. Or whatever, I’m just thinking out loud.

Let’s all make a goblin defence team so that everyone has the same problem because most games will be lost due to that imbalance. So I’ll be in my corner plotting, maybe spitting some more beef and making a goblin defence team RIGHT now. But still, bullshit card goes to Gems of War. You’re welcome.

When something is rediculous it’s not just something you should accept. In every game you should have almost an equally chance to win. This is not equal. This is not balance. Gems of War should fix this.

Sorry, what?

Okay so what about Guild Wars, where you are restricted to certain gem colours?

In every game (say a board game, gems of war or competitive games, etc.) the players should have almost (I say almost because of percentage in luck and type of game) have an equally chance to win a game. If a game starts or progresses in a way where the balance and/or percentages in luck would be in favor for a certain player it’s unfair. In this case as I’ve experienced with a goblin team during Guild Wars and being restricted to a certain gem colour… it was completely imbalanced and therefore unfair. The turns where greater for the AI team. Player: 3 turns AI team: around 11-12 turns. I could not participate after the AI filled up the Goblin for a second time. I could not control or manipulate the game because it was out of my hands. There wasn’t a ‘equally chance to win the game’.

Welcome to the real world. It’s all about board control, just read threads where people tell about their board controlling teams and beating high-level defense teams. There is no “equal chance to win a game”, especially when you try to beat a good team with troops that don’t interact well. A team is a something greater essence than just 4 troops, and it makes the whole difference. This makes you think about good and bad teams, for instance.