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How is Queen Beetrix not nerfed?

I just read through a list of buffs and nerfs. How the hell is Queen Beetrix not nerfed? Even King Gobtruffle got nerfed.

Queen Beetrix is ridiculous with that Cleanse All. Her energy cost should be at least 18 just like King G. She does True Damage too.

Leave her bee.

Edit: seriously, yes, she’s OP and better than 75% of the mythics, but with so many crappy troops out there, do we seriously need every OP one to be nerfed?


Seriously? Queen Bee is better than 99% of the troop. Where you got that 75% from? Name me the last 25% of troops that are better or as good as Queen B? lol Just the Cleanse All alone makes her good on ANY team. She can create gems and get extra turn or half energy back.

I don’t see how they nerf King G and not Queen B too.

Well, King G comes with a guaranteed extra turn; he’s also got the potential to create more gems than Bee (if you leverage poison), and the fact he creates an arbitrary mix of green and brown (as opposed to Bee’s fixed ratio) makes it easier to get matches of 4-5 (or setup them for the next turn).

All these factors combined make him far more reliable for self-looping (even after the nerf).

In this light one could even argue that, since both troops have the potential to win you the match if you manage to get them self-looping, King G is still the better one, being more reliable at it.


What about the other supposed 200+ troops that are better than Queen Beetrix?

You aren’t, by chance, in the PC/mobile guild RedRibbon, are you?

In any case, the claim in post #2 was that Beetrix is better than 75% of the mythics in the game. Offhand, I would list The Possessed King, Phoenicia, Tina-9000, Mistralus, Sycorax, High King Irongut, and Pharos-Ra as better (for various reasons—Pharos-Ra isn’t as useful in PvP as Beetrix, but its third trait makes it really good for early and mid-game players).


Would you rather some troops be adjusted for balance, or all troops adjusted at the same time? The latter won’t happen. They are making progress with balancing.

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.


I would also add to the list The Wild Queen and Scorpius (paired with Euryali).

I’m adding
Enraged Kurandara (some say this is unreliable, but i feel that the 3rd trait is great as we dont have to match gems to trigger it)
Shahbanu Vespera
The Gray King

King G can self-looping better than Queen but you can at least try to freeze his gem color. Queen Bee is tough because she can Cleanse All if you don’t stun her first. Counters to Queen B is a lot harder and she hits harder than King G.