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Should Ubastet be nerfed? Poll

Okay, since this seems to be a hot topic here for quite a long time now… I thought a simple poll might possibly reflect the feelings of the players rather than thousands of words on the subject.

There are only 2 options, if anyone wants to further the debate on the subject then the other thread can be used for this purpose :wink:

  • Yes
  • No

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Good and smart topic! Best thing is it’s anonymous.

I think it rather reflects the “feeling” if somebody has recently recieved Ubastet or not. :wink:

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Ooh, I hope not. I was happy to craft him, but feel he absolutely should not count opponents’ attack in his calculation.


That’s what I think as well

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Make more good troops
Don’t ruin the few good ones


Yes, more “good troops” please.
A quadriple-kill mythic snail, a mythic horse playing gems of war on it´s own and something doing my laundry* would be nice.

*please make them Divine


Sie muss weg Basta!!!

Yours and the opponent’s laundry.


No. Now that I found my team to beat them, I get such pleasure in taking that whole team out

Screw anonymity, I’ll say it. The troop is bonkers lol. Nothing whatsoever to do with my being obliterated by him, which obviously does happen, but the point is… I don’t use anything else right now because he’s that strong.


I agree completely with this

Only buffing Ubastet needs in my opinion is either a increased mana cost (like 24 or 26) or decrease it’s boost ratio from 4:1 to 5:1. He seems like a pretty good mythic troop though.

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That’s too OP

If Ubastet just “seems like a pretty good Mythic”. What would be your criteria for a guaranteed great Mythic? Devours 4 troops in one cast?:grin:


Its one of the few troops that can go up against the AI Goblin teams. (Where Princess always manages to explode every single shot)

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If they just give every troop the exact same spell and the exact same 3 traits that will fix the issue with Ubastet and goblins and everything else.


Ubastet nerf is not enough. The troop must be removed from the game, removed from the wiki, and removed from the memories of all players.

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You could call this Poll “Who wants to Ubacorrect Ubastet?”

I suspect players in top guilds love Ubastet because they can grind resources faster than ever.

I vote for Ubastet to be sent to a nice retirement village and neutered so there are no Ministets.

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Despite my voiced objection to the meta team i’m voting no.
Nerfing Ubastet is only looking at the smaller picture.

The spell is strong but there are two elements to look at here.

One is without the half mana start there are many methods to counter him while he builds up.

Second, on a fair ground of stat bonuses ubastet usually can’t kill the 2 troops on it’s spell cast alone.
You need a initial damage source to guide him to the target.

I rather cast my eyes on the Divine Protector which does this guiding and at the same generates an insane amount of red and yellow or Divine Ishballa who gives him the quick start.