Should Ubastet be nerfed? Poll


Despite my voiced objection to the meta team i’m voting no.
Nerfing Ubastet is only looking at the smaller picture.

The spell is strong but there are two elements to look at here.

One is without the half mana start there are many methods to counter him while he builds up.

Second, on a fair ground of stat bonuses ubastet usually can’t kill the 2 troops on it’s spell cast alone.
You need a initial damage source to guide him to the target.

I rather cast my eyes on the Divine Protector which does this guiding and at the same generates an insane amount of red and yellow or Divine Ishballa who gives him the quick start.


so far no is winning


As hinted, this should be expected after many players spent 4000 Diamonds on him in Soulforge a week ago. :roll_eyes:
Besides the poll is too simple. Many Players don´t like the current status, but would prefer to change the Divines instead of this single card.


I agree with others that isshbala is the problem. If any changes I would say attack the “2 strongest”.


I don’t have Ubastet but I lust for him like most people.
He probably should be nerfed if only for the previously-mentioned reason that it makes no sense at all that opponents’ attack is factored into his ability.
However, I have no problem killing almost any Ubastet PvP team unless I get an unusually bad starting setup. A couple spellcasts by Divinia buffs all my troops’ life to the point he can’t one-shot and he doesn’t get a second chance 95% of the time.