Should Divines be nerfed? Poll

Another overly simplistic poll,… only 2 options again.
No agenda, just curiosity…

  • Yes
  • No

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Where’s the option to nerf discussions about the divines on the forums?
It’s just the latest meta. These things always cycle out. We don’t need troops nerfed. We need troops buffed.


Mute :wink:

I would like to see massive buffs along older troops as much as you do probably even more, but that won’t happen in any significant way ever, the Devs’ actions made that very clear.

Also the usual cycling of metas in this particular game don’t happen by ways of countering and adaptation but by sheer powercreep. So for this meta to be “cycled out” without changes to existing troops, a new meta must (and will) arise that is strictly more powerful through new absurdly powerful troops which is very unhealthy seeing at what powerlevel we already are.


I don’t want to see Divines nerfed.

I want to see new, exciting troops that make Divines one of many good choices. Not more stuff that only exists to eat souls and traitstones while making it even harder for new players to reach endgame.

I know this is hard. Doing hard things is how to talk me into spending money.


Nerf discussions about Nerfs. [/end]

I’m surprised they don’t sell the DP weapon before divines lose their undisputed meta status.

Metas often cycle out after justified balance changes. These ones are seriously overdue.

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I am all for nerfs all over the place. I am still upset about the Kraken nerf so until that is retracted I want everything else nerfed. Not Peasants. As always buff Peasants.

Something mind-blowing just occurred to me…



Absolutely. Just removing the Divine type from most of the mythics that have it (with an exception or two like, say, Gard’s Avatar since it’s from the designated divine kingdom) would basically bring the troop type back in line.