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Ubastet needs to be fixed

This thing is not only wiping 2 troops plus the extra troop they spawn. Over the last 2 days every time this thing hits me it kills 3 of my base troops…it needs to be fixed or taken out of the game

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Whilst they’re at it give Abynissia a buff exploder of one gem and summoner and a Mythic? Yawn. Wulfgarok very weak and pretty much useful for low levels…
An so on an on there’s lots of troops that need a revamp purely because of what they are and what they can do compared to certain other troops as the variety is unreal but purely favourited as obvious as it is only to be used for annoyance or pure cba to bother with proper defences is severely lacking in the game.

Uber is just fine, Ishbaala is the problem, she needs her final trat removed especially with the next 2 mythics also being divine. They’re basically all cheaper to cast than epics which is why we are all using them, pretty much making all other troops pointless at the moment.

Yeah the issue is Divine Ish. By starting will 1/2 Mana the devs have removed the balance mechanism on most of the 20+ Mythic troops. But what they should do is not just remove the trait… but rather split Divine into “Deity” for Mythics and keep “Divine” for the holy Whitehelm types.

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The OP doesn’t seem to talk nerfs, but simply fixing its bugged ability to not kill more than 2 troops.

The OPs second suggestion “taken out of the game” is the most hyper extreme nerf possible (thankful it has never occurred in the history ofGems).

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I don’t think it’s Ish that is the problem with uba. I think uba shouldn’t be divine. Just raksha.

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Just give dragons and demons the “start battles with 50% mana” trait then everything will be fine

Wouldn’t even field Daemon or Dragon teams over Divines if the 50% startmana was baseline to all of them.

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Of course 1/2 mana start gorgo and famine will never happen

Ishbaala is not a problem. Forest guardian, titan hero class,king highforge all have the same trait just different troop types and no one complains about them. Leave ishbaala alone. Nerfing ishbaala would probably be the last straw to push me to quit the game.

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Yeah cause half start Wulfgarok is extremely scary…

Kerberos/forest guardian/Kerberos/giant spider is still a very good team along with lots of other beast troops. Dwarfs on red gw day are a huge headache. Any giant team are very good to. There is nothing wrong with the trait.

Yeah at most it should be able to take 2 not 3. I believe this is a bug in the game. They have a pretty bad bug infestation.

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I don’t mind ishballa even tho teams with her are a pain in the ass :joy: I don’t really mind ubastet when it’s not killing too many troops…first time I thought maybe fire from infernus killed me but after it happened about 4 times and I know none of my troops were near death something needs to be done about that as it’s really broken