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Remove or change certain troops Ubastet. Infernus, Divine Isbaala

t is very difficult and boring to play in pvp only when these troops to play against them maybe but the chances of winning are reduced if they are in the team especially Divine Isbaala, she has 3 skill 50% mana of the deity (all deities mitici), change them, don’t think I’m alone in thinking


I beat them consistently. You need to improve your teams.


Diversity is key. Every troop has a weakness that just means you need to find the right combination and exploit that weakness.

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I know that there is a weakness, but playing with the same team is boring, and what can be the variety?


Mercy and Famine help. all that delicious mana to drain and use against a troop.

Too many people fall into this line of thinking. It’s wonderful that you are so dominant in PvP, but that’s not relevant to the conversation whatsoever.

When certain troops are auto-include, those troops are OBVIOUSLY overpowered. PvP is stagnating because of the lack of diversity. Remember Kraken? It was on every team. It got changed. This is no different.


There is zero reason to change any of these troops. If these are changed yet another meta will take their place. This meta is very very beatable. There will always be one meta or another that everyone chooses to use in their defense.

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you’re right the higher the level the diversity is reduced to the Infernus and Ishbaal, earlier when it was Mabi with a staff of dawn and then not so annoying like they

for this and need adjustments to make it more fun to play, and with these troops all the fun out of turning a boring and routine where you win 40% of 100

I win 80% against this meta with multiple teams.

like what? if not a secret

I believe that there should be interest in the game and not routine and the puzzle is how to survive against Infernus, Ubastet and Ishbaal

I have an idea use the meta right back on them and you get to go 1st as an added bonus.

removing only Ishbaal will solve many problems

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I was replying to the OP’s statement that these troops are unbeatable. In my experience, that is clearly not the case.

Too many people (to use your phrasing) fall into the trap of believing that one team fits all. Not true. If your current favorite team is not working for you, change it up. Find something that does work. It may mean you have to dump your favorite troop, but there are plenty of counters out there for virtually every situation.

In other words, get creative.


I repeat and I will repeat that against Infernus, Israeli and Ubastet, not many teams and if many of you are strong and you have all the cards, then the other same beginners there is not mitikov not good cards to counter them, and many 700 and 1000 lvle have not seen not one myfico, so if you protect them because they themselves use and do not want to lose their well sinaites, but what about others who want to play normally without mosgortrest

you tell me what to do players LVL 500 which is not much of troops?

Stop doing 3 trophy PVP matches and find a good guild that gets lots of tasks and keys to obtain more troops.


to find a normal Guild is a very big problem, but even finding a Guild also need investment and what to invest in pvp if some Infernus and Ishbaal

Finding a guild isn’t a problem. Post here, state your level, how much you can contribute and platform and I’m sure you’ll have a guild by tomorrow at this time. No investment if you would play during that time anyway, only the added bonus of your guild working together to achieve.