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Nerf Divine Ishbaala

if you remove the 3 skill of Ishbaal to live and play becomes not so dull, it is because of all the problems, please consider retracting 3 skill, here are the new mythic deity, he again you, of course I sorry but WHY? this is again a problem in pvp, boring survival, because vashei nakoplenii go players, because they get tired of it all, please look at and remove a UOM 3 skill or decrease up to 25%

Instead of that they will release more troops giving the 1/2 mana start for particular troop type

I don’t want to offend the developers but recently they have made serious mistakes leading new myths as a deity, in such a case reduce the number of deities or remove Ishbaal 3 skill

All you have to do is change the 50% mana start for Divines to 50% mana start for Humans to fix this problem.

what about people? this race at all little is used

Then it will be the perfect solution and will get more Human troops into the game.

Racism is not okay. Even if it’s Deity that you’re racist against. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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perhaps you are right, in pvp it would be more of a peasant:grinning::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer:

There are 64 Human troops in the game now. Plenty to choose from.

the deity there is no diversity, at a time like you said people have 64 possibilities

That change to Human sounds pretty reasonable.

Plus, hearing the whining from those that have maxed their Divine Protectors would be deafening. :rofl:

if they can refund troops, then surely they could refund weapons.

can still listen to what people say, and return resources for the troops to know and do for the weapons is also possible

Another thread lol. Sorry mac, but she is fine and will therefore never get a nerf.

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Famine was fine, look what happened there. :wink:


You got me lol


This is your second thread on this subject. Your argument in both threads boils down to the game should be reduced to your level. Not gonna happen. You need to level up to the game, not beg the game to come down to you.


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Divine isbaala isn’t the problem. Forest guardian does the same thing only for beasts. The problem is the amount of very strong divines (including OP mythics) they have in the game.


sorry but I not only worry about myself there are many complaints on this topic and you just close your eyes, and do not have to build yourself cool, if you are all able and you have all the cards, it does not say that the player 500 lvla as well