Please tone down the # of Divine race Mythic troops


Lately many of the new mythics come with a Divine race tag.
While I understand the lore justification, the in-game implication is getting to be somewhat imbalanced.
Especially with the murder kitty + infernus + divine Isabella combo, divine troops are starting to become an infestation.


The next Mythic is going to be Divine as well. Lol


Someone suggested that the Divine troop type should be broken into mortal/immortal subtypes. So Priestess keeps the Divine type, but Gard’s Avatar is assigned the new “Deity” type instead. Presumably Ishbaala would keep her third trait as-is, and a later troop can arrive that boosts the initial mana of Deity-type troops—but less than the 50% provided by Ishbaala!

(This could also lead to fun shenanigans like a Daemon/Deity troop, which doesn’t seem possible while all Divine is solely troops that would fall under D&D’s “good” alignment.)


The one after is planned to be Divine also lol


I think the best thing to do is to double down. All future troops should be Divines.


Waiting for my God-Chumper.
« 75% chance to Devour a Divine Troop, boosted by Divine ennemies. If the spell fails, become enchanted and gain an extra turn . »


How about the God Gobbler. It could be some kind of cosmic turkey.


Another nerf thread?? dont we have 10 of those all ready??? :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Nerf the nerf threads!


I don’t think it’s a nerf thread, OP is just saying we probably have enough Divines as is :wink:


Yes agreed enough divines. need more daemons good and evil is out of balance . i can live with “as is”


There is a disturbance in the force…


Nothings wrong with a divine demon. Buddhism mythology is full of divine demons. Some of the most significant figures in Buddhism mythology are major ex-demons who turned into guardian demons.


are there actually more divine troops than matt damons now?or just lately all mythics have been so it seems like it?


I would rather we just work toward each troop type having ishbaala/forest guardian ability
Why don’t we make troops better, instead of worse
Increase the good troops, don’t make them all weak

And that’s beside the point where if u can’t win 90% or more, it’s not the game, it’s you
Either not making good teams, or trying to do battles you’re too low level for

Can we just stop these nerf threads, they bore me like 4x firebomb def :wink:


100 Likes for you :innocent:


I just wish I had a use for about 500 of my current troops, and I do agree we are getting a lot of Divines lately, it is kind of odd really


This is not a nerf thread… please take the time to read a little closer.


Yeah i wouldn’t even go that far.
Most Divine mythic troops are eligible to be catagorized as at least 2 other trooptypes than Divine by lore. With 2 trooptypes per troop the Devs have to decide which of these get ignored and for some inexplicable reason Divine seems to almost always come through.
Jotnar, Ketras, Pharos Ra, Gard, Ubastet etc. all have more than 2 trooptypes equally fitting for them by lore, the fact that they end up as Divine/x is not dictated by lore at all, but a deliberate decision by the Devs.


I fully support, the game is unbalanced, mifuki is deity and therefore Ishbaal to go to them, want to play, not diversity, not interest