Please change Divine Ishbala’s trait to 50% mana

I feel like this must have been a typo, as all other similar mana-start traits on troops/classes are 50%. This should be a really easy change, and would be aesthetically pleasing to the rest of the game.

It was originally 50%, she was nerfed, so unlikely they would unnerf her back to 50% but I guess possible. :man_shrugging:

Do you remember why she got nerfed?

A very annoying meta a long time ago involving her and ubastet and I think infernus. Probably wouldn’t be a meta today with all the new troops etc. we have today though. She also used to cleanse all allies! Ubastet got nerfed at the same time too, his spell used to get a double kill very easily.

Troop Balance We’re making a small change to a few of the Divine troops today. Individually, each of them is a little bit above the power curve, which is true of many troops in Gems. We’re actually okay with that. But then there’s THESE guys… with their powers combined, they form one of the nastiest defense combinations we’ve ever seen at end game. These Divine teams can vary a little in composition, but there are 3 main suspects involved: Ishbala, Ubastet, and Infernus.
We’re going to make a small nerf to each of them, which hopefully moves the needle just a bit when facing them. We were very wary of making this change, as all of these guys are fun to ATTACK with too, and we don’t really want them to lose their flavor, just a smidgeon of their power, particularly when combined.

Divine Ishbaala

Radiant Aura trait starting mana reduced from 50% to 40%
Her spell no longer cleanses all allies

Mana cost increased from 22 to 24

Mana cost increased from 22 to 24
Spell Boost Ratio reduced from 4:1 to 6:1


Ishbaala was nerfed to 40% because divine troops were a plague within PVP. Mercy plus Ishbaala plus, IIRC, Ubastet meant that teams could potentially annihilate you on turn 1. It was almost as bad as the Justice League on consoles, when the gem creation subroutines were bugged.

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She was OP at the time.
Most nerfs (including hers)
Are over kill.
Her Mana reduction was over kill for on a singular level… fitting for divines at the time, but now 50% wouldn’t make them OP.
I still think she should cleanse…
She was fine the way she was… Their release schedule of releasing outstanding mythic divines so short together is what was broken.


At the time about half of Mythics were Divine. Something should have been done, but nerfing the damn Mythics in question might’ve been better. Now that they’ve released other non-Divine Mythics capable of competing with them … not as big a problem.

I just hate the 40% because its inconsistent.

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Its likely chance that this will get be rewinded as the Flame of Anus wil get buffed. Both needs minimal effort, but minimal effort has died in this game.


I’ve learnt that here, minimal effort = maximum lead time.

Min maxing at it’a best!

Divine is the most prevalent type. Including, now, 18 mythics. I really doubt this gets changed back.