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A Love Hate Relationship with Beetrix

In My Opinion Beetrix is easily one of the Top 5 troops in the entire game, and definitely the best Legendary (yes even better than Yao Guai). I have been playing with her since she came out a few months ago and loving every min of it. But lately the amount of defense teams being created with her is unreal. She can single handily take down an entire team team and never give up a turn.

Many ppl might think that “well there are plenty of teams that do that” but thats not true. Other teams like gob truffle need some kind of set up first to get going. Also you can easily freeze out Loop teams like truffle. But not Beetrix, her third trait will laugh in the face of a freeze team. There are only two ways to stop her, and one only partialy works iff your opponent is smart. You can submerge your team, which is fine but you better hope that the team you are facing is not using a hero with Banishment on 4 matches or you are screwed.

So that leaves only one other method, and that is to Both Stun and freeze her. The only reliable way to do both is to have Obsidian and Queen Mab on your team. I can’t think of any other team that can reliable beat a well set up beetrix team 90% of the time.

I don’t understand How Breetrix is not a Mythic troop. Im not mad just frustrated. I love this troop so much but at the same time I hate her with a passion. Rant over…

Tldr: Queen Beetrix rant, thats all


She doesn’t do better in gw than other defenses … shes a good troop no doubt, but it also just makes her the one to kill first.

I think she is fun, too. Just not a lot of chances to use her.

Essence of Evil is a counter.

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Rope dart/beetrix/obsidius/leprechaun with frostmage is a good setup to take down teams in t3. Opposing beetrix has no more concern for me than life and death, or any other heavy hitting troop you need to kill fast or be killed. Just be thankful you always get the first turn.

Beetrix; auto play when on your own team; play Beetrix, replay Beetrix, replay Beetrix, oh no need to replay Beetrix , game won. Oh Beetrix is on the other side; I can counter it, oh no I can’t, RNG luck or dastardly machinations ; Beetrix plays; yawn, I wait, my troops bleed; well not literally they loose life, bleeds sounds more emphatic; Beetrix casts again and again, oh I should have done this or that to stop her. Mmm; stop playing; now thats a good idea.

It’s annoying to have another team that can do the thing Goblins has always done, but she’s not as invincible as you portray. 90% is a lofty goal in any mode: this game has too much randomness and looping to achieve it unless you’re swapping teams an awful lot.

I tend to just skip the Beetrix teams in PvP, but it’s out of laziness. My team goes for a really fast, brainless win and sometimes it’s just not fast enough for her. It’s faster to take a lower-trophy match.