[Fix Incoming] Frozen troop takes extra turn

Chromebook, Android

Opponent’s Beetrix was frozen, but still took an extra turn.

No, she didn’t unfreeze herself because she was still frozen at the start of my turn. So unless there’s a bug that permits the Elementalist (me) to freeze a troop on the opponent’s turn, Beetrix didn’t unfreeze herself and then become frozen again before my turn started.

Sorry, I don’t have the drive space to capture video for every game I play.

“Steps to make this happen”: Players have been complaining about illegal extra turns for as long as I’ve been playing, but no one believes us.

Still gonna report when it happens and I’m certain something was wrong.

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You mean the enemy got an extra turn when casting beetrix? Was she stunned? Did she make a brown 4 match?

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There have been some reports lately, that a 4-match with special gems is not recognised as a colour match and for this reason has no freeze effect. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve investigated this issue, and it appears to not be a bug as Queen Beetrix’s 3rd trait is “Cleanse all Allies when matching 4 or more Gems”

Which may make it seem like Beetrix is taking an extra turn, when the effect was cleansed.

Please see the screencapture below for the troop’s traits.

Please read the original description of this topic.

The whole enemy team including QB was still frozen BEFORE and AFTER the extra turns. It’s not possible that Queen Beetrix uses one or more extra turns and then freezes herself again.

Besides that, this happened to me too on a lot of occasions with other troop combinations as well. Regular PVP, Delves, Guild Wars, practically every game mode.

Sometimes being stunned and frozen doesn’t affect the AI and leads to losses on the player side.


Hello :slight_smile:

In that case, similar to other threads, I will add the troop to the existing report and there will be a fix incoming for this issue at patch 6.9.


Hold on, this is triggering my reality disconnect sensor. The issue isn’t troop related, as such it doesn’t make any sense at all to add the troop to some existing bug report. This is really about a fundamental flaw in the game engine, gem match animations causing events (like all trait triggers) to get processed in the wrong sequence. What exactly is that fix going to fix?


Moriad didn’t provide extensive detail to make up for the lack of screenshot / video – my guess (like noob) was that Beetrix was Stunned as well as Frozen, since Moriad was using the Elementalist class…

This report could have even been about an Extra Turn from Beetrix’s spell (despite being Frozen) rather than a 4-match, although unlikely.

I was rather thinking the player matching Freeze gems, followed by the opponent Beetrix receiving an extra turn before actually getting frozen, due to the gem flight path animation causing internal processing delays.

This is why we need people to include video footage/screenshots or DETAILED descriptions of what happened during their game, because of patently obvious suspects like Queen Beetrix (or equivalent Genie trait) that we need to demonstrate are NOT involved in this specific case.

(Believe me, I had already drafted a likewise response of “Are you sure this isn’t related to Queen Beetrix’s 3rd trait?” but felt it was better to wait a day or two than post prematurely)


To me it still sounds like the opponent matched 4 gems, most likely blue, with a frozen+stunned Beetrix, and received an extra turn.
In which case I would assume, that a spirit gem was involved and made the game forget, that it was a blue match.
Still not troop related of course.

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No, she didn’t unfreeze herself because she was still frozen at the start of my turn. So unless there’s a bug that permits the Elementalist (me) to freeze a troop on the opponent’s turn, Beetrix didn’t unfreeze herself and then become frozen again before my turn started.

I’m not sure which part of this suggests that Beetrix was using her third trait to cleanse herself.

I mean, it’s fine to say “give all of the relevant info,” but almost no one seems to read an entire post anyway – not even the second sentence in this case, as it turns out. :laughing: (Thank you very much to those who did!)

And, yeah, I know I necro’d an old thread. But I haven’t logged in for 4 months.

I have another hypothesis, BUT be forewarned it’s probably just a dead end.

You said you were running Elementalist, right? So were you also running a Nexus team?

What if:

  • Queen Beetrix was frozen during your turn
  • Queen Beetrix thaws at start of enemy turn & spellcasts + gets extra turn
  • At start of your turn, Nexus troops create gems resulting in a match of 4, triggering Elementalist’s 3rd trait & freezing Queen Beetrix
  • A simple match of 3 erroneously displays “Extra Turn” as your turn passes to opponent

Because this a legitimate thing that could happen, but without an actual incident on video to review … well, like I said, this idea’s probably just a dead-end.

I’ve been playing for several years too, and literally every time I’ve questioned an Extra Turn, the captured footage always holds up to scrutiny and reveals a legitimate (if sometimes easy-to-miss) explanation.

Just happened to me again. Enemy Queen B was frozen and stunned before, during and after the loop. And I don’t use Nexus or similar troops, that create gems at the start of the round …

I’m interested in chasing this for a little (I play on Switch so I can capture/post video easily), but can you give me an example of which game mode and/or team (yours vs. cpu) it happened in?

The only lead we have so far is Queen Beetrix, and MAYBE Heroic Gems (which are known to sometimes process out of sequence with undesirable effects) but this is not enough to solve the mystery, yet.

(For example, if you match a Freeze Gem but the enemy turn activates with the Gem still “pending” then QB can gain an Extra Turn from spellcast, which is definitely a bug that we have already caught on video, but have no reason to suspect whether it’s the same issue as described here)

Or queen b created a 4 brown match…

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