What are your thoughts on queen beetrix?

Personally shes my favorite troop, shes very powerful but not necessarily broken as she can be countered with freeze/stun. Do you think she shoukd be buffed, nerfed, or left as is?

Hi @Tigress,

Q Bee is for sure a great troop but what you say not untouchable or overpowered imo I like to play with her :honeybee: NO changing on her! Left as it is absolute


A really solid troop, I like her, but she can stay as she is.

Stun is huge against her, and the extra turn doesn’t always trigger even if she’s neither stunned nor frozen.

She’s strong but not overpowered.


Thats where i stand with her too

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Personally, I’d remove the “There are independent 40% chances, to gain an extra turn and half my mana back.” from her spell.

There’s already a reasonably good chance to get the extra turn from gem matches, especially if one builds a team with decent synergy. Being nearly a coin-toss to get a chunk of that mana back is gravy… and often doesn’t mean anything because the green she spawns on the baord might re-fill her in the first place.

Her spell is excellent, one of the best in the game and stronger than an awful lot of base-mythic troops. (She’s also one of the few troops in the game whose spell scales off Magic x2.) Her third trait is also excellent, though stunning her slows that down.


top ten legendary, that could be a mythic…but she has fallen off the last year with more and more counters, especially a class that locks her down. I honestly hardly use her anymore outside events and don’t even run into her in PVP that much outside low level teams.


So no reason to remove it? :thinking:

It’s just extra chances for an extra turn and getting filled. Doesn’t hurt. :grin:

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@sylverscale : I look to tweak troops to bring them back to the pack a little bit, rather than a wholesale nerf that would have half the board ready with the torches and pitchforks.

Just to use a comparison to a similar(ish) troop, Beetrix is objectively better than Gobtruffle in virtually every way. Gobtruffle offers that guaranteed extra turn, and it’s easier to synergize a four Zaejin/Goblin team than it is to synergize Beetrix with whatever – at least if compounding those additional bonuses means something to you – but that’s pretty much the only place where Gobtruffle is better. And I see that as a problem.

I’m taking a little something away from Beetrix with my suggestion, but there’s still a pretty healthy chance that she can loop herself. And unless she’s pre-empted by the opposition being Submerged, she can win a battle all by herself and rather quickly. Often with just one copy of herself in a team.


Do not touch my Beetrix! Neverrrrrr!

I don’t use her much anymore, but she’s an absolute game-changer for those just starting out, and she still reigns supreme on some of my teams.


Bee is clearly one of the contenders for strongest troops in the game as she’s always the source of this kind of discussion - plus she is still stronger than gob truffle was BEFORE his nerf.
Her cleansing trait is one of the major reasons for this strength as it means you can’t really shut down the team without stunning her - but she will often loop your team to death if you don’t also freeze her so you have to take specific teams to deal with her (or just take the op as hell Elementalist because that class solos teams on the regular)

Personally for me I think either getting rid of the chance to gain an extra turn or, changing the cleanse all troops on a 4+ to cleanse a troop on a 4+ would be for the best. She doesn’t need a massive nerf, just toning down a little.

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People really confuse me.

Why is there always someone asking for a nerf of a good troop? Do you only want mediocrity? I thought we want good troops. :thinking:

She’s good but not unbeatable. Elementalist is a counter to her, though she’s a counter to Elementalist - but only until you get her stunned.

Just leave her be(e). :pray:t2:


It’s never about nerfing good troops though is it, it’s about nerfing the strongest troops in the game - funny how it always seems to be the exact same troops discussed every time too, almost like there’s a pattern or something.

She’s not unbeatable, as evidenced in my point above you ‘just’ need to stun and freeze her. That doesn’t stop her from arguably being the strongest troop in the game though.

You’re right that Elementalist is her counter, it’s a counter to most non impervious troops though so that’s a bit of a moot point. Not seeing how she’s Elementalists counter though, unless she loops it to death before it sets up I guess, but you could say the same about goblins too and it’s not really countering it, just overpowering it through brute force.


She cleanses which gets rid of Elementalist debuffs - until she is stunned.

People seem to tend to forget that er get to use these troops as well. What’s left if you nerf all the really good ones?

Plus it’s very often troops that are accessible to even newer players.

Why is it a moot point that you can counter her with Elementalist? If any counter to any troop was a moot point because they also work against other troops, then nothing would be a point anymore.

What is countering to you if not finding something that works against another thing? Is using essence of evil on Zuul brute force? Is killing Zuul with Zuul brute force?

I also wouldn’t call Beetrix the strongest troop in the game. She’s good but not the most powerful troop.

We’ll probably have to agree that we disagree on this as I doubt either of us will convince the other.

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The argument that “you get this too” is inherently a bad one. Having access to a troop does not make it any less powerful, nor does bee counter bee so that’s not a great point.

Nerfing the 2/3 strongest things in the game so that they’re still strong but not oppressive still leaves you with… Good troops. It’s so over the top to be saying that nerfing the strongest couple of troops in a game with hundreds of troops will break the game and leave us with nothing but trash. It’s asking for balance, not breaking the game.

The point about it being moot is that 75+% of the game is countered by Elementalist so it’s not really a shock that she’s countered by it.
I get your point about her cleansing the team and thus partially countering Elementalist, I’ll concede that point.

To the zuul point, yes? Using zuul on zuul is a textbook definition of brute force :joy: EoE is a hard counter to zuul, for sure.

I said she’s arguably the strongest; the argument for me is that the other troops that contend for that spot usually aren’t as oppressive in defense as they are in offense so it’s not felt as much by the community. Also, I have a team built specifically for dealing with bee - when doing pvp if I see bee on a team I will legitimately swap off whatever team I’m using to that one and then swap back after the fight (unless the team score is low obv). I don’t do that for any other troop.

I would agree that we won’t change each others minds, some people enjoy op stuff and some prefer a balanced game. I’m in the latter group so I’ll never be convinced that a troop that can solo teams on the regular is good balance for the game.

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The better approach to balancing this game IMHO is to buff the utterly weak troops so that they are viable, rather than nerf what few really good troops we have. There are hundreds of troops that just collect dust.


That’s my opinion as well. Otherwise we’ll end up with only mediocre troops plus some really bad ones.

Usually balancing by nerfing troops doesn’t make anything else more viable.


I don’t even use Beetrix for anything but pet rescues. And I don’t find her that OP, either. I have more issues with rope dart/ishbaala in PvP than I ever have with beetrix.

We probably have a quite different style of play which is why we absolutely disagree.

I’m still and always will be in favor of buffing other things instead of nerfing what is fun for people.

I absolute agree that underpowered troops should be buffed, it’s such a shame that there are scores of almost literally useless troops out there, but I don’t think that takes away from nerfing the few strongest troops to give us a more balanced game overall.

Except it does, they’ve nerfed things before with great success - dragons eye was a PITA back in the day and when it got nerfed people started trying new weapons and teams. The summoning mechanics used to be disgusting and when they got nerfed the game greatly benefitted.

Right, and they destroyed things like the skeleton key team with great success as well.

That did not make any other teams more viable, it just meant that people had to look for alternatives to remedy the situation that made an already tedious process even more tedious by nerfing the best team.

The issue is that everyone has a different idea about what is too strong unless something is really crazy out of control - which beetrix is not.

They’d probably have to buff 900 troops first to balance the game instead of nerfing the few good options.

Taking away good options doesn’t suddenly make the bad options better. We could argue about making them less bad. But that’s like arguing that a sock with a smaller hole is better than one with a larger hole. Probably true but that still doesn’t result in a mended sock.

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