Who got the most troops?

Don’t stop there, tell us what we will need for crafting :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of stuff, including traitstones for some patterns, and a new type of currency that will come from a new game-mode!

Here’s a big hint about one thing you’re going to need though… the crafting system is called the “Soulforge”.


New game mode for crafting! :grinning:

That’s great news.


Any info on a possible date?

Too early yet for a date… we’ll have a small 3.0.5 update while we’re working on the 3.1 Crafting Update because:

  • Crafting is a big system, with a whole new game-mode attached
  • We’re in the middle of bringing the PC/Mobile versions over to Unity
  • We’re also working on some new language versions of Gems of War
  • We’ve had a couple of new team members start who are helping bring some areas of the game up to where they need to be in a technological sense.

That’s a lot of moving parts to organize, and if I stop and actually think about it, it’ll make my head spin.


Thanks @Sirrian

Sorry to be unpleasant, but what about the many bugs of guild wars?
As nice as crafting seems to be, I would like to see GW work properly before having some new content.


Oh, I completely agree!

The team has been making constant improvements on that in the last 3 weeks.
I think we’ve knocked over 50 known issues from our list.
But that’s the reason why I mentioned we’re doing a 3.0.5 update before crafting… we have a bunch of QoL features we can add, and issues we should address before we release crafting.


I see you don’t want the spoil the fun but can you at least tell us, how much approx. time will be needed to craft a mythic troop? Can a beginner craft a Mythic? Will it require like a week of hardcore grind or can it be completd in a couple of casual play days?

I agree with @Aelthwyn i would rather wait a bit longer for crafting (which is really saying something since i tend to lean towards impatient) and see GW work perfectly and crafting released with minimal bugs

That being said… YAY CRAFTING!!!

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Sorry - nothing to share yet… we’re still figuring that out.


[quote=“Sirrian, post:31, topic:24413”]
Sorry - nothing to share yet… we’re still figuring that out.
[/quote] Please make the mode different from ranked PvP. We have quite enough of that mode already, lol. :smile:

Wow that’s more then i asked thanks sirrian :slight_smile:


Such a good news to get on a Saturday.


:musical_note:Souls, huh, yeah.

What are they good for?

Gems of war soul-crafting …:musical_note:


(I do so love that pic)


Do Famine and Devour belong to these “50 known issues”? :slight_smile:

No date for patch 3.1 but is there one for patch 3.0.5? So we can get this 1-turn grace for DM.

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Oh okay but one last question:

Have you guys know about this? :smiley: or this:

Soulforge is a really cool name!

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There was also a ccg called Sol Forge that was pretty cool.

I am so ready for this crafting system I wanted it before Guild Wars !!!