The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

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So you think: We are around 2.5 months away from 3.05 then?
2 more weeks till this “Surprise/cake” fix update, plus 2 months (normal time) till the next update of 3.05.

I’m personally hoping this has the vast majority of 3.05 changes and the “QoL” plus surprises that Sirrian doesn’t want people to know about yet about for PC/Mobile.

We don’t even know which version been submitted yet so it’s hard to say but if it’s the 3.05 it’s just weird if we get it before pc
As far as i know sirrian and alpheon said it was just small fixes and QoL. So i beleive the big meat will be in the 3.1 update

My understanding is crafting is when 3.1 is coming along.

3.1 is crafting so yeah that’s ‘meat’. :grinning::grinning::grinning:
If this isn’t the majority of 3.05 we might a very long wait until crafting.

Patches are about 2-4 months between. So ~2 weeks, plus 2-4 Months, plus 2-4 Months … ouch

I think it sounds like the 3.05, which Sirrian described as a “small update” mostly with QOL issues (see below). They never said that PC wasn’t getting it at the same time or even before us, only that it has been submitted to Sony/MS.

I wonder if battles at 4x speed are considered QOL? That would be great =D


No idea what it is, the game is quick enough for me, the only thing i would change is put an option to remove the animation at the start of the fight and everything would be fine for me.


The one that bugs me is the stuff that counts out your rewards when you increase a PVP tier. I end up button mashing through that every time. Please just show me once and let me get back to killing Justice teams, already!


Is there supposed to be a mythic tomorrow?

We only got Ketras on June 2, so I think next Friday if they stick to one every 3 weeks.

When was Pharos Ra again?

May 12 for Pharos. Jotnar was March 31 if that’s your next question…

Nope those 2 were all

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That is my understanding as well June 23rd and it should be Stonehammer I think.

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Well him or Elemaugrim right?

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They’ve only ever gone out of order when the scheduled mythic was bugged and Stonehammer is already in the game in quests, so I am certain it will be Stonehammer.

What was bugged? Pharos Ra since he came after Jotnar?

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Yes, there was some issue with his spell. They never really said what it was.

One of my guys just got ketras. I also got gard’s just after his exclusive period ended. It’s bizarre how it works sometimes. I’m saving for elemaugrim tbh.

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