Any more word on the Crafting System?

Is the crafting system still going to be a thing or were we led on? I am just curious because I have been vacant over a month and I have No idea what has been discussed since

I would like some more OFFICIAL information on what to expect and when. and if it’s still a viable option at this point


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Should be in 2-3 month from what we know

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Not sure which of these you’ve seen before, but here are a couple mentions of it:

As for a timeframe we haven’t heard much, but there’s been a whirlwind of activity around the Unity release which has taken up a lot of dev time. This is also worth a read Devs, enough is enough, Communicate! - #13 by Sirrian, while it’s not directly related to crafting, it explains some of the dev movements in the last few months.

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