New Chest that takes Souls to open

How about a new chest that takes souls to open that only contains copies of troops you already have that you haven’t ascended to Mythic with yet.


Crafting mode is coming and will cost souls, we believe. @ozball may be able to link to @sirrian’s post about it.

Your suggestion overlaps this, and also breaks the game’s gacha model. Not gonna happen, sorry.

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Ask and ye shall receive!


i like it, let’s do it anyway irrespective of crafting.

what if you have all mythic troops and are only missing the actual mythics such as war or death. i do like this idea but i see problems with payout who have all the troops ascended. or they could use this to get the weekly released troop to mythic day 1 without having to spend glory or event keys


The whole idea was a chest to help you ascend troops you already have to Mythic, so there would never be a chance of getting war or death.

I admit, if someone had all troops to mythic, this would make it very easy to get new troops ascended once they gain the troop for the first time, but you could always base the cost of opening the chest on how many times a player has ascended their troops.

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