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Who are the top ps4 guilds?

And for a midday recap on day 3 so far

Risin’Phreekz still lead so far 324112
Guild of Gra are doing amazing with a very close 2nd at 313160
Lost Winds is making a move back up to 3 at 268781

However Lost Winds is only 4th overall as Nemsis is just obliterating everyone in Bracket 2 with 270491 (94k lead over 2nd place Warriors of Light)

As for the rest
Silver Storm
Nordic Vikings
Shining Force 1
Misguided Misfits
England (though overall they are currently behind Warriors of Light, Viva La Russia, and Crimson Sky in bracket 2 and Gold = $$$$, Elite Knights and The Gods of War in bracket 3)


Mate, what are you doing?

Dont moan about the meta!

You (and your crew) are the main piss-take protagonists.

They have had to change the entire game because of you and your ilk.

Don’t pretend that you have to deal with the meta, cos you haven’t seen it in months!

Between your 1player defence, and your Monday morning losses - you’re the kinda tragic fella that the devs have to spend their time working against.

And you have the audacity to moan about changes not being implemented quickly.

I deal with the meta in Guild Wars daily you absolute bell sniff. I very rarely play ranked pvp 'cause I got so sick of fighting the same 15 opponents daily. I got bored of ranked pvp way back in early January. As for the Monday morning “loss”… You do know casual pvp is bugged, correct? Every single time I invade someone in casual pvp it counts as a loss on MY behalf. Did you know that? Or are you so clueless that you spout drivel on here to me and demonstrate you’ve got no idea just what on earth you’re talking about, ha ha?

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Or are you finished barking drivel? If it’s more drivel make it interesting, “mate”.

Holy Moly!

Apparently that hit a nerve.

Im probably a bell-sniff.

Im defiantly a broken record…

You and two more of your 1000+ friends lost to a level 80 on Monday morning.

Was it on purpose?

*Keep it defiant.
**Edits should be made clear.

It most certainly didn’t hit a nerve, no. I have zero problem dealing with clueless people like yourself who can’t read a reply correctly. You should be thankful you’re getting a reply from me!

Must I repeat myself…? Every single time someone invades someone in casual pvp it counts as a loss for the invader. Was that clear enough for you? Or do I need to bust out my Crayola pens and draw a diagram for you? I like simplifying things, just ask!

I want to respond - but its so absurd that - Im not sure how? It feels like a song might be appropriate!

I haven’t even played yet today, so far a perfect week, will rng let me keep it going, about time I found sons great teams for guild wars l, to bad we are only at 45% bonuses as our statues will all hit 80 next week.but our team has definitely by trying their hardest. Definitely found a great crew.getting all the pratice we can in., for another go at bracet 1, it is a whole lot tougher up there.

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I’m afraid at this point in time I grow severely tired of you and so I’m going to save my brain cells due to making this my last reply to you. Remember to read it all this time and pay attention! You can do it.

One other player(he can chime in here if he wants to)and I tested said casual pvp invade bug to make sure we were 110% correct in our thinking. When we had the proof we messaged two developers a few months ago and informed them that people who choose to invade in casual pvp show up as a loss in the Battle Log to the person who was invaded.

You enjoy the rest of your night.

It was wonderfully clear. Vivid, in fact. I had colourful images of you - the arbiter of all thats reasonable - waving your crayons around: educating those of us, lucky enough to be in proximity, to the ways of… someone so thoughtful.

No, but seriously - did you lose to my level 80 character by mistake? Or did you did you lose to my level 80 character on purpose?

Perhaps we stick with crayons: Pick Blue - for tried and failed, Pick Red - for Lost on Purpose.

Im sure your friend will be along shortly to back you up.

You have still failed to answer my question.

And here I am. I really don’t want to get involved in any forum drama, but what Verdugo says about the casual PVP bug is true. Verdugo was showing up on my battle log as a PVP defence win for me, giving me +1 PVP points, but he wasn’t even playing ranked PVP. We each sent screenshots to the developers via joint private messages and were told that they were looking into the problem. We’ve asked about it since and it doesn’t seem to be a priority, but I’m still hopeful that they will continue to eradicate bugs like this as they move forward.

Also, a player of any level can, with reasonable luck and the right set of troops, beat any player and any team in this game. For a level 80 player to beat a level 1000 player is something to be proud of, but not something to trumpet from the hilltops, or to gloat about in an open forum. When you get to the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.

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There’s the proof.

I look forward to having you guys back and performing well.

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I look forward to having them out of bracket 2!


I think I may have initially misunderstood this part of your post. If you see your defence team putting up some surprising wins, check your battle log and if you are getting +1 PVP points, it means that the win was coming via the Casual PVP bug. If a level 1000+ player lost to your defence team in ranked PVP, you would have deserved a lot more than 1 PVP point.


With 1 day to go, the top 3 seem to have locked in barring a miracle run / miracle collapse

With a 50k lead, Risen’Phreekz should finish up 1 for a 3rd week

Guild of Gra came on very strong, even challenging the leaders at times but should finish 2nd.

Lost Winds recovered from a slow start but doesn’t look like it will make up the 70k they’re behind to finish 3rd (as they also are up 70k over 4th currently).

Past the leaders, things are close between Silver Storm and Quimby for 4 and 5 as well as Nordic Vikings, GuildDoVelho, and Shining Force 1 for 6-8.

Misguided Misfits have an outside chance to move up but are looking at 9th and England looks to be dropping again as they are more than 100k behind the Misfits in 10th.

Next week, Nemesis will return in a big way so we’ll see if they can invade into the top 3 rivalry or if our trio claim the top 3 once again.

So based on what Sirrian had mentioned, that would mean unless they can make up 25k, the Misfits will join England in dropping to bracket 2 (somewhat surprising). Meanwhile Warriors of Light have a 37k lead and should join Nemesis up to Bracket 1.


Who is this other guild in bracket 1 this week? Black lagoon or something? Warriors of light did not advance but they did and they were not in bracket 2. I never even looked at how bracket 3 was doing

I have no clue caise I don’t remember seeing them either. They’re not one of the troops we face either.

Looking at the weekly schedule though… Well we were given a potentially easy week with no Phreekz…

Yeah well, we are starting off with them, so it will be interesting to see how well we hold up, no gra tho and we get black lagoon so it will definitely be interesting since we are full this week, our bonus isn’t full yet, so that’s a minor disadvantage we start with. Either way, it’s been fun.