Congrats guild of Thieves


Congratulation to the guild of thieves for winning the GW and also destroy the old record of the most total GW points on xbox

Good job! And let try to increase it in the next GW


Tough competition on xbox. You’re scores show it. Great work! :+1:


@Santandrix Ty How it is on ps4? Is it close like this?


Not even close. And I’m not even getting into why we are 8th. First time in a year. We had 29. Every other guild had 30.
We did our best.


Yeah it’s hard to compete with only 29/30, this is 50-58k less on the board


We could have easily taken 5th. Big upset.


Next time you will get it


We won sundays war so the extra xp eases the pain. :rofl::joy:. Next time!


You started at 29? Or he quitted during the event? It happened once it really suck to lose cause of that, we were finishing first if he didin’t left


All week 29. A player quit Sunday with no heads up and the second guy deleted game after reset. I’m no mind reader and some people are just flat out rude!

Ok. Thanks. I needed that. It was a rough week.


Ouch that hurt


But congratulations to you guys!! That is impressive and we would be bracket 2 there! Keep up the great work! :+1::+1:


Thank you and good luck in next GW


First time anyone has won from the 6th spot or 5th or 4th for that matter


I feel your pain. We could have had the #2 spot except one of our members went AWOL on Sunday and didn’t do his battles :frowning:

Ex-member now… :wave:


Grats Ricky btw :smile:
Oops I was derailing your thread :rofl:


Congrats @Rickygervais. Amazing score!



This is mobile


I like that the scores are going up