Very close Guild Wars

This week everone is neck and neck :slight_smile:

Good thing Anonymous is minus 1 player this gw. (Good luck for everyone else) :kissing_heart:


Yeah, its awesome! The whole last 2 days we jumped from position 1 to 6. Atm the top six guilds are within 20k points of each other while the 7th is 50k behind the 6th guild. Feels nice and its the first time since GW release that Black Dragon has 30 members! Kudos to all other top guilds that battle that hard and even overcome the odds of missing 1-2 members!


~140,000 points later, and you could still throw a blanket over the top 6.


Can I make a reasonable request and ask the other guilds to stop trying so hard? I really want to mythic my troglodyte!






At the finish of Saturday night, one day remaining of Guild Wars:

Less than 2650 points between Dragon’s Peak, Intrim, and Anonymous.

Will this finally be the week that Anonymous is knocked out of a 1st or 2nd place finish? (We’re only battling with 29, due to a drop during the week.)

– Tranimo


Just 8,000 between first and fourth this week. Closest so far.

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Wow now that is intense!

amazing stuff by everyone.

well done intrim.

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Congrats to Intrim and to everyone in the top 6. It has been a very interesting week, with some very close scores and changes in the rankings until the end.

Here is the list of the winners so far.
April 30 - Dragon’s Peak
May 7 - Anonymous
May 14 - Anonymous
May 21 - Anonymous
May 28 - Anonymous
June 4 - Intrim
June 11 - Stratagem
June 18 - Intrim

If @Ashasekayi can’t/doesn’t want to post a weekly GW leaderboard, it would be nice if someone else could do it?


Someone said he/she quitted game

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Thanks. I had missed that information.

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