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Who are the top ps4 guilds?

I play xbox and am curious.
@Rickygervais will post top xbox GW results in another thread i bet because I don’t know how :slight_smile:

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What’s your definition of ‘top’? Just total all time trophies? Recent weekly trophies? GW results? Something else?

Last week results (xbox one)

What Ricky did lol

Looks like a ‘Who takes Guild Wars more seriously’ list

Mean the same?

Shoo! Do not troll my thread. Please :slight_smile:
Save it for the Xbox thread lol

The top 3 last week were the guild formally known as Santa’s big gifts (topped both weeks), Lost Winds (2nd both weeks) and Guild of Gra was 3rd

You in santa i think?

@UKresistance I can post ps4 after work tonight.

Awesome thanks

Nope. They just had a large margin over the rest of the field.

Just curious, as no one has ever posted it at all. What’s your the top few PS4 Guilds point totals at the end of the week? (both weeks if you have them). Thanks.

I can get last week. I do know the totals went up over the first week and the high was in the 800k

The first week we finished with over 700k(can’t remember the exact total)points and the second week we finished with 830k points.

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Are you guys facing mostly top meta teams or other stuff in the GW battles?

Depends what guild we go up against, but there’s plenty of drain and RNG heavy teams going about. It all depends how you deal with them and what team you choose to use at the end of the day.

Double Famine and Kerberos teams are obviously a colossal pain to fight against, especially with a bad starting board, but there’s plenty of other dangerous team combinations, too.

You can NEVER practise enough.

And this week is the obvious Bombots defense with Carnex or Drill Borer on the 1 spot and manacles in the last

I didin’t see it that much yet, what i see the most is justice team

That’s BIG time Meta, because Justice + Q Mab might actually be better than Kerberos + FG, or Famine teams…