Looking for people who like Guild wars

Dear peeps,

If Youre looking for a high end casual guild. You found it. @ quimby the only thing we ask from you is doing all your gw battles and 600k gold weekly. Events you can play how, when and how much you want. We also want to help you with gw teams to make sure you get the full potential to get the highest score possible.

If intrested mss me here or on ps4 @ belgianbeast_96


Hey, I like GW. Wrong Platform tho. Maybe someday Gems will allow Cross-platform Play.

In the mean-time, Good Luck on Your Quest.

Would you like to develop an App, you inspired me, and I would like to share thoughts and ideas in another thread. Cheers. :+1:

All I wanted to say initially, but I am Word Salad Man, and the thoughts and I will speak my mind. Allegedly. :grinning:

Lembus(spelling) Bread Crumbs: Top 5 answers, that might be too difficult. Does it like to play? Perhaps Top 10 answers…

Inspired in what way ? And what topic do you mean ?

Grz beast

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True Should be back every week. or even they should start with every 2 weeks.

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Looking to join a new guild with daily active members.I am currently in a guild with members who are not participating in daily special’s or helping the guild out.I am level 990 and play everyday.My name is pinkalicious8269.

TAG TWO is a casual guild that has somewhat active people. You can reach out to Anubis80 on PSN. TAG is a little more hardcore - Calv1n on PSN.
Vendetta is a great guild too - lonesomeheart on PSN