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Who are the top ps4 guilds?

Last week

Risen’Phreekz (formerly Santa’s) 830483
Lost Winds 695671
Guild of Gra 681651
Nordic Vikings 558777
Silver Storm 541120
Misguided Misfits 532586
Quimby 507623
GuildDoVelho 488501
Shining Force 1 460750
Nemesis 454519

Nemesis, Quimby and GuildDoVelho moved into bracket 1 during week 2 while Dragon Awakening, England and RDVG Community fell out. For week 3, England moved back up while Nemesis slipped back and Dragon Awakening apparently is not participating.


I mean i didin’t see double famine or kerby team that much. But everything depend of the starting board, if you are not lucky, the fight can finish quick

I see lots of meta variations, and a few BB team this week. But I was stunned today to find a Siren, 2x Scale Guard, +random Mythic (I forgot) HIGHLY unusual as I’ve never even see that in normal PvP.

I see often

Spirit fox

You see that in Guild Wars frequently? Shakes head


You are so lucky! :grin:

Yup one per day :slight_smile:

I see why you went the first week with loosing now. :wink:

Nemesis will likely move back up as our full roster this week, but with only 10 at most at level 1000 or up, I think we did well, 10 ppl are under 500 so it is a challenge for us in bracket 1, thank you for posting this. Rising phreekz is all 1000 and up so they are a tough fight, will they get first every week?


Yeah I see you guys are crushing it in braket 2.

As for will the Phreekz win again… Probably. The first 2 weeks weren’t close and this week is shaping up to be more of the same. The only thing different so far is Lost Winds is having a bit of an off week, Quimby is doing far better and Gra is continuing to be as strong as they were last week. But there’s still most of the week to go.

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And as a side note it’s interesting to see the tweeners, who cares, and who doesn’t. England as a tweener for example, seems to do poorly in bracket 1 but strongly in bracket 2 which is why they keep bouncing. But they seem to care and are giving it their best.

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I agree. In Crimson Sky, we’ve got a few players who play daily and give it their all, a few who play daily and do what they can and a few players who play irregularly or are on the sidelines. We’d have no hope as a casual guild in Bracket 1 so I’m really happy to be hovering around 13th/14th place, as that seems like an optimal level to keep us in bracket 2 where we’re relatively safe from the spirit-crushing meta teams but still get some reasonable rewards and are able to win some daily battles every week.

My wife is in Gra and they’ve been crushing it given the range of players they have, but the pressure and difficulty they face is considerably higher than what I see.

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The best part about bouncing back in fourth, is a super tough week get’s you prepped, and then the next week, is a way different playing field, so it mixes it up, hopefully one week we can place well in bracket one, and see if all our practice pays off.


Such many good guilds on console. :slight_smile:

We’ve (quimby) have always been bracket 1

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Today we’re having a total nightmare with 3 wins being an achievement. Top guy has 4 wins but I lost one to a ridiculous cascade that killed my 4 powered up troops then a double skull cascade to kill my warg. From possible hero to zero in one turn. It’s brutal today with many struggling to get 2 wins.

Hmm. Ok sorry bout that. Wonder who wasn’t there then.

Who are you playing today that’s giving you such a hard time?

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Just awful cascades and op mecha teams! Just one of those days, think it’s Santa’s or whatever it’s called now. Phreeekzzzzguildsnip3r5 or something

Yeah that’s the formerly known as Santa’s. Not much you can do as they have really brutal teams. Even counters arent that effective just due to the very high stats. I tend to view that match up as “score as much as possible and make it up against the weaker teams later in the week.”

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Got screwed today in my final battle against boombot, i was ready to kill them but Ai catched 3-4 cascade so all the team was full then 1st boombot did his magic then catched another extra turn with cascade and 2nd boombot did his magic, killed 2 troops and catched another extra turn then hero finished them .

I hate when it happen, i was not due to win this one i guess lol

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