Player level 1010 power rating 9k+ lf active guild

Hello All,

I have done the top 25 guilds, created my own, and supported one that almost no one else contributed. I am currently looking for an active guild that participates in guild wars and hits the 40k seal chests each week. I have screen shots of my results as I would assist with both of those two things as well as donating gold to tasks. Last week I donated 800k to my guild.

I am currently level 1010 with an average power rating of 9k. All my kingdoms are 5 stars or higher and I have every unit maxed level.

You can message me on the psn @ cometdragon

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Well there are 3 I can think of who would love to have you who are very strong with guild wars and do great numbers with tasks.

First would be:

As you can see they are the top guild and have won Guild Wars all 7 weeks so far. They are a very hard working group who collaborate on ideas for GW success. @Ghaleon would be the one to contact (PSN is Ghaleon)

If they’re requirements are a little high, I also endorse both Nemesis:

@Santandrix runs a great team and they too finish strong in the top 10. (PSN: Santandrix)

Also there’s Quimby:

@Dan_ozzzy189 also leads a great team here with friendly and helpful people who likewise do well in GW each week. (PSN: Dan_ozzzy189)

Both Nemesis and Quimby are very similar all around and you couldn’t go wrong with either.

Honorable mention also goes to to @Graeme and Guild of Gra. He leads a strong guild that usually finishes 2nd in GW. I don’t know what their current requirements are though nor if they’re looking since they had 30 last I saw.

In my opinion, these are the best places someone can end up in on the PS4 if you’re looking for strong, dedicated, high ranking guild’s who are in the top GW bracket and whose leaders go out of their way and lead by example.


Thank you and yes we are looking for 1 good player.


Thanks for the post and replies.


I snagged him up, got lucky

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Yes, I’m full and didn’t want to kick anyone but had a good member wanting a break, he’ll have to to wait!

Also got one away but I don’t remember anything about it. So I’m one down again for the week.

Yeah we had one quit just now, got to good for us

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Thx guild wars, a war within the guild

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Did your guy quit for a better guild?

No, he’s away. I seem to remember he mentioned something about a holiday but It got swamped in chat. I wish he’d pm’ed me.

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