Congrats Gem Assassin's on #1 Xbox GW


Excellent utilization of available tools, leadership, communication, and teamwork.

For whatever reason, we had a former guild member not participate in the previous Guild Wars. Even if this person had earned every point possible we still would not have accumulated enough points for first place.

Plain and simple, we were outscored.

Good luck to all upcoming Guild Wars participants. Hope everyone gets good boards, strong connections, and no server issues.


Yes, I applaud your creative use of the Mixer tool to play the GW battles of your less skilled members by a more skilled member. That requires an impressive amount of leadership, communication, and teamwork.


Indeed. I appreciate the team approach to a team activity. Too many guilds out there full of individuals with no idea what it means to be a team, and guilds led by people who would rather sabotage their guild for ego’s sake, than give their guild a fair chance to develop and win.



After so many envious, hearing this is very gratifying. I did not expect less from you Pixel. friend and former Guildmate


My tutor, my friend, who always helps me in everything. excellent example of a good player. we used the Mixer. but we are only successful because the team is very cohesive and united, these Guilds are not crying all the time here and in the Global.

come together,
and overcome.

Thank you for making me a better @CanyonSurfer player.