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Who are the top ps4 guilds?

Phreekz to start and Lost Winds to finish. You’re going to have to work hard in thr middle to rack those points up.

We got Gra first.

I know op didn’t ask for pc/mobile, but here are the latest results there.

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I don’t see the top 5 changing much.

I am in Silver Storm…surpassing Phreeks or Gra or Wind is gonna be tough.

Last week was annoying with several of them literally all setting their team to:

Deep Borer
Adana Hero

Bombots killing everyone by 2nd turn.
The AI Cascades on PS4 make playing bombots on boost week a nightmare.

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Im happy no matter where we place, making it up to the top bracket makes our guild happy enough. Definitely liking the challenge.

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Can someone post the results please, I’m at work and wanted to look at the list. Thanks.

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Overall scores seemed lower than the previous week. And yes we’re still no where near pc scores but I think when they get unity, they may start seeing more losses.

Risin’Phreekz 793748
Guild of Gra 681492 (congrats)
Lost Winds 623960
Quimby 532141 (nice one guys)
Silver Storm 527013
Shining Force 1 479987
GuildDoVelho 459074 (which considering the last day beating they took, great job guys.)
Nordic Vikings 458946
Misguided Misfits 433427
England 314960

Now let’s see if Nemesis can duplicate their success in bracket 1.

And while there aren’t any real rivalries (especially like Anonymous v. Intrim) I do like the Gra/Lost Winds pairing. Every time they faced, the scores were incredibly close, like 1 more win could have changed the results and 2 week’s running traded the 2 and 3 spots.

And before anyone thinks I’m dismissing the Phreekz, they simply are on a level above everyone else right now to the point where no one comes close. They’ve obviously earned it, so yes they’re 1 until someone else shows up to take it. But also because of that it’s easier to find rivals among those that are close and provide for exciting matches week after week.


Thank you shiratori.
So the bottom two drop out?

Guildo are rocketing up the leaderboards with trophies, but I’m going to try and focus on staying in the top bracket.
So in bracket 1 the top guild get 100k gold, 1500 gems and a 100 copies of the gw troop if I remember correctly.
What do the winners in brackets 2 and 3 get?

I must admit that not reaching our goal by being 5K from taking 6th place and get the new Deerbird to epic, hurted quite a bit… :persevere:

50k gold, 100 troops, 1500 gems

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And yeah England and the Misfits are in bracket 2.

Our score was lower than last week due to having two members perform VERY poor over the week and one member was only able to do 5 fights total, so we effectively had 27 members for last week.

Click on the weekly rewards. Bracket 2 winner is considered 11th so they get the Rank 10+ rewards. Bracket 3 winner is 21st so they get the 20+ rewards.


Ours was lower too as was the Phreekz. I think Gra was one of the few who did go up.

I think we need @Graeme to join in the thread. Would be interesting to get his insights here.

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@Shiratori Agreed.

I have to say I am really enjoying the guild wars. It is so different I have to think about things much different. Normally I can fly through matches. With guild wars I take my time and think through each move much more methodically.

Also I am finding some great team combinations I never even considered.

Good luck all this week in the Guild Wars.


I know gra will have 1 more player as they snagged one from me. But at the same time, I took one from lost winds, so it all works out in the end, different strokes, for different folks.
Off topic
Anyone know how long it takes for statues to hit 100, if we are at 80 with all now?

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I agree with this. On pc they can skull bait and it seems to work most of the time. On console it is a hit and miss if it will work.

What will be really interesting is when they add the pvp sliders for mana colors for defense in Guild Wars.

Agree with about all of that. Like blue day this past week when staring at the bombs and Carnex and Dracos I ended using Clockwork Knight, Silent One, Khorvash, and Krystenax. They just ended up melting things far better than expected. Need something new for this week though.

My only downside is I take it way too personally at times. But that’s just the way I’m wired.