Who are the top ps4 guilds?


I disagree, I think we are very much a top guild. Regularly doing well in guild wars, never outside of bracket 1. Tasks done early, seals always completed as well as a number of legendary tasks. Not bad for a guild that doesn’t take the game too serious.


On Xbox the top 4 have been same every week with number 1 not changing only 2-4 changing! I don’t know what the problem is with the rest! The number 1, 2, 4, 5 are always in top 4! The number 3 guild is never in top 4!


Your basing Guild rank solely on Trophies count. We have fallen to almost #6 now as we have absolutely 0 Trophy requirements.

The Guild is filled with very high level, experienced players that never ever grind Arena, and like it that way :grin:. We also allow for vacations/work interrupts, etc. Sometimes when 3-5 players are out that week it causes us to not to get 2nd in GW, and we’re are cool with that.


We don’t do trophies either. It’s just a way of showing who sits in front of the TV the most imo.


Yeah its messed up how they have the top leaders etc. It seems people have to stay on the game 24/7and spend money for the ggame to keep u on top. I see top guilds on board with 30 members above 800 level which means they been playing since the game released. Also top guilds have high req so they can possibly gain alot. I wanted to start a guild for those who just want to play but nobody will join because they wanna join guilds where they can gain benefits. I been a gamer for a long time with a gaming community since 2008 and recruiting is the hardest thing. But it is what it is. Not sure about the top guilds not changing either. This game has been aggravating since I started playing over level 300.


We have dropped way off from trophy count as well! We allow for vacations too! I was just pointing out that the same 4 guilds seem to always place in top 4! You would think one of the other guilds would have been in top 4 by now but that’s not the case! It might be because 4 and 6 get same loot! IDK!


Normal service resumed last week with phreex topping out over a million!


Same top 5 for weeks now.


FUbobo had a very good week, they may crack top5


They’ve done extremely well since getting promoted. We’re two down for two weeks so now is the time.


I’ll take 5th schedule over 4th any week. Same rewards anyways


That’s so retarded isn’t it?


That it wasn’t fixed and it’s set weekly, 1st place gets easy schedule, yeah sounds rigged to me.


Thanks! We’ve certainty been working at it… The top 5 are very good teams. Congrats to all! Keep it up!


I’m calling 7th for us this week.


Props to Nemesis today. Didn’t face same D team twice some creative teams also.


Are console players enjoying the new CPU? I am enjoying it a lot more than before.


Apart from the gem resource gimp I like the update.
Beautiful game and I like the soulforge. I think people thought they would be creating a free mythic every month.


Our CPU has always been like this.


On XBOX the top 4 have always been top 4 and 1 has never changed! 2-4 changes but same teams just in different position from time to time! It doesn’t hurt that number 1 has an easy schedule! Why number 1 doesn’t play 2/3/4/5/6/7 is beyond me!