Who are the top ps4 guilds?


I’m happy with my guild and that’s all that matters.


Yeah im also happy for u guys. 4th in GW is pretty strong! Well done! :slight_smile:


For the record i am happy too! Mad props to @Santandrix for being an excellent GL


From where I sit, Nemesis is a “top guild”. They compete in bracket 1, have all the amenities and complete legendary tasks every week.

Edit: and hit 40k seals every week.


Fair point I can share it.


Well i guess between my two accounts then i qualify lol thanks @stan


It hasn’t been a couple months already since you abandoned us, has it?


I didnt abandon u guys… Ok maybe a little but im really sorry…


My simple definition

  • Consistently unlock the 40k Chest.
  • Consistently finish all Guild Tasks
  • Consistently finish/stay in the Top 10 in GW

Edit: ha just finished read the comments (after I posted as usual) and noticed @Stan listed same criteria :laughing:


Check. Check. And check. All right @Santandrix were in!


That is unfortunate! Maybe this week you take 1st!


Thanks. In some ways it would have been very fun if that “individual”* had not quit so we could have taken 1st once instead of 2nd as usual. But oh well, for the amount of effort I can handle 2nd, no problem.

*family friendly term


Could anyone hate on that little dogge. Much cuteness, very ashamed.


The problem is it’s more difficult to get 1st from 2nd because 2nd has hardest schedule! For the life of me I do not understand why 1st has a way easier schedule than 2nd!


1st place has the second easiest schedule out of the top 10. 2nd has the absolute hardest schedule out of the top 10.

Maybe the developers thought it would be good for monetization? I hope it was just a incredible oversight, we should know in a week if they balanced it or keep giving 1st place a boost.


Number 1 guild on ps4 right now is Rising Phreeks.It might be spelled different but not by the ps4 at the moment


There’s plenty of top guilds in bracket 1


I would say some top guilds are in other brackets as well


I wouldn’t disagree with that.


Check x3 and two 3rd places on the bounce in top bracket. We’re not a top guild per se but I’m also very happy with my crew.