Who are the top ps4 guilds?


Looks like this has mostly resolved itself. Just a friendly reminder to keep on topic, and that call out posts (defined as “Any posts that try to name-and-shame other players will be removed.”) are against the community guidelines.


Yeah @Ozball this has been resolved… Thanks for the reminder brudda!


I use gorgotha famine TDs mab for defense a fair bit. Usually gets me a few phreekz scalps each week.


Thanks, Ozball. We will take it outside next time… :smiley:

Mab teams are triggering but drain is most consistently annoying so I am sure that teams gets some frags @Death :smiley:


My loss was so close bc infernal king resurrected but mab hitting 150 there was no room for error and the gems did not fall in my favor.

Always bring a summoner to guild wars, you’ll never know how many you’ll get.


Oooohhh! She burned you @Santandrix! Are you just gonna take that?


Here are the results for last week. Congratulations to Nemesis for their impressive week, FU Bobo finishing strong again too. Commiserations to those guilds on the decline as others improve and push up the table.


Congratulations to phreex for their million points too.


Agreed. 1m+ is no mean feat.


Figured I post the X1 from last week here too, there were 2 Guilds over 1M. Unfortunately, we had one member rage quit over Justice, that’s life after all.


Top 3 scores are getting closer and we are getting closer to top 3. I think when only best 27 scores will count for the week the differences will be even smaller.

Anyway, congrats to the top guilds and good luck this week to everyone.


@vangor are you in console no1 guild?


@Eika, @Vangor is with @sathriel and I in nemesis, bracket 1, 4th last week.


ah, so that is the top guild for console?


Yes because it includes @Vangor amongst its membership :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not the top guild. 11th place in leadersboard.


Fair enough bruttas!


But do u consider ur guild as a top guild?


I think we are a active guild who puts our best efforts up, and it places us within the top of wars. A strong guild wars guild for sure.

Define top?


No, not gonna define it