Who are the top ps4 guilds?




Oh good, only 7 hours until the moderators are online. :roll_eyes:


I’m getting pissed off with this, what started out light hearted was taken out of context and deteriorated into accusations and mud slinging. It’s a bloody embarrassment.


Oh where did I insult you?

I can quote “inferior guild” and “idiotic” “forum troll” but that was definitely not from Nemesis members’ posts




Looks like Baba Yaga keeps an eye on the forums :smiley:


You makes me wanna play Tomb Raider again, just for the Baba Yaga mission! :wink:


That’s ok. Tomb Raider is a lot of fun :slight_smile:


No called for. That’s an insult. It’s also BS.


Hypocrisy is a thing that all people indulge in. I gave a good reason for using the word: Quimby is calling Nemesis out for using Mab teams while using it themselves.

Nice no addressing the insults you have thrown yourself. I guess there is no more point continuing the topic.
Have a good day.


What are you not getting here? I told them to use the teams after I faced three on the trot this morning. I was first in to fight. Are you really so daft or are you totally ignoring everything I’m posting? Really dude, you need to speak to santandrix if you’re in his guild because you’re making yourself and his guild look stupid.


I’m sure your teams were set before your rant, I’ll be glad when the update comes and we can lock em in for the week.

Then we’ll see who sets what.

Come on update!


Now this is what guild wars is all about.


They weren’t. I can screenshot my call to vjm arms and show you if it’s going to make any difference.




I changed it at the request of my GM.

Guys and gals, I think we can all agree that we are fighting amongst ourselves on something that is nothing but the games fault. It’s an issue that needs resolving and once it is, hopefully we’ll see some competitive guild wars.


Really, what’s the point of calling anyone out at this point for using VJM?

Is it a plague? Yes. Is it cheap? Yes. Is it unfair? debatable. However, is it LEGAL? Yes.

It’s a team that does not use any hacks or workarounds that the game developers have allowed to be in the game, so while it is stale and boring and (debatably) cheap, it’s still fair and legal.

So unless you plan on making every single other guild in the game NOT use that team, I don’t understand why 2 guilds are going at each other for using it? The only thing a guild NOT using that team is doing is giving a leg up to all the other guilds that ARE going to be using it.

If you want to attempt the impossible and try to orchestrate something where every other guild in the game unilaterally agrees not to use VJM, then by all means, go ahead. Until then, it’s up to the developers to fix the problem, and until that happens, just get used to seeing it.

Is it right? maybe not. But it’s how things are going to be, and we have no control over it without giving yourself a handicap by deciding not to use it. And if you do decide that, then better on you, but it’s your own decision and others shouldn’t be chastised for it.



To be clear we are not fighting because each other are using vjm… I personally have no problem with anyone who wants to use that team…

My problem is with being called out and called a “forum troll” and an “inferior guild”

Why were these insults hurled at me?

Because i decided to stand up for my guild when ppl i thought were friends come on here and start talkin garbage about us

My whole stance is this: would i like to see quimby take 3rd again? Sure especially if it means taking the phreeks and winds down a notch or two.

Do i think that 3rd should be handed to anyone? NO! You want it? Earn it. You are not entitled to it.


I still think my posts this morning were taken massively out context, something santandrix agreed with me on. I apologise if anything I have posted was antagonistic, it wasn’t meant to be. V as usual got super defensive very quickly, but that’s because he’s passionate about the game and his guild, that doesn’t bother me, it was just a tongue in cheek comment, mate I really should have popped in a smiley or something but the way I read it in my head obviously wasn’t read in the same way by people who took such issue with it. So let’s draw a line in the dust and try and crack that top three eh?
Peace and love


I agree @Nephilim this has gotten out of hand… And to be fair your comment wasnt what i got pissed at it was this one

Who are the top ps4 guilds?


I agree and apologize too that I was pretty upset as well, the callouts in forums is against community guidelines and what really got me going.

Pms are one thing and are ok, but bringing it here isn’t cool. So I’m over it as well.

It’s over, it’s done and let’s move on. Time to take on the top!