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Which Mana colour do you use the MOST/LEAST? (Fixed)

Which Mana colour do you use the MOST?

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Brown

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Which Mana colour do you use the LEAST?

  • Red (Fire)

  • Yellow (Air)

  • Green (Nature)

  • Blue (Water)

  • Purple (Magic)

  • Brown (Earth)

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I really love this thread. Edit: Or at least I did until you went and edited it on me!


I tend to use Brown the most and Green the least.

I use blue the most (Valkyrie). Purple the least.


I use Green the most and I guess Purple the least? With Red a close second.

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Have to say I’m a little surprised Yellow has taken the early lead.

There are a lot of very solid troops around Yellow. Alchemist (creates Yellow), Valkyrie, Banshee, Priestess, Knight Coronet, The Great Maw, Paladin, Gorgotha, Dryad, etc.


@Ozball I know

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I use red the most (atm) and blue the least

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I use yellow the most and green the least. But, I’m working on making a Forest of Thorns team to go with my Archer. So, that should change soon enough.

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My Forest of Thorns and Goblin teams are basically all the Green I use apparently :smirk:

Brown the least used for me. Seems like the only good ones are Legendaries, and there’s several of them, but I don’t have the Traitstones for em.

Blue most used bc Valk. Otherwise, and for a long time, it would’ve been Green bc Goblins.

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+ Blue
- Red

I never use Red. Of course I pick it up if it’s needed or is a 4+ match, but otherwise red just doesn’t fit my teams atm. Then again I’ve still got another 100+ troops to level so, back to Valkyrie!

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I picked yellow :slight_smile: as most used green as least

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clears throat


comes up for air


In my defense I don’t have her in game yet :cry: so I keep forgetting what colour she changes gems to. Mercy and Green Seer are at the very top of mny wishlist at the moment.

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I can’t remember making a team without Red, Purple and Yellow in… and usually Brown… and mostly Blue and Green… colour spread is good… I hit Yellow as most-used (Red and Purple would be equal though) and Blue as least…


I use all of them!

Green purple: Tyri
Brown Yellow: Maw, Gorgotha
Red Blue: Crymson Bat

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I use purple the most