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Why are many troops have mana type red/blue, not blue/red?

This week is acarne blood traitstone, and this game have so many troops using mana type red/blue. So i ran out minor red traitstone. Why not using both mana type blue/red or red/blue?

Some troops do use mainly blue trait stones and only some red. It seems reasonably evenly split between the Red/Blue types whether they use mostly red or mostly blue.

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We have 62 troops using mana type red/? and mono red , and only 23 troops using mana type blue/? and mono blue.

You will constantly run out of minor reds

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Welcome to Gems of War. I periodically spend 15000 on gold keys or farm Pridelands when needed.

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@Koolbiird, It’s too bad that you can’t give me some of those gems ya have in exchange for some minor reds. :money_mouth:


Because if you look at how they started the arcanes in you collection tab it was blue first. So blue is always the first color then green with the exception of blue then red then purple and finally poor brown is first only to itself. It’s just the way it is set up.

No way! My gems are too precious.

And the red always is the first color. So we will run out minor red traitstone unless spend 15000 on gold keys to take a few minor red traitstone. I think dev do something to rebalance mana type.