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Need more red water link troops

Hi, there are only 3 red water link troops of which two have the same colors (red/blue) and one is valkyrie.

Could there please be made a new troop that has water link passive and is either red/yellow, red/brown or red/green.
Thanks in advance (that is all)

Links are almost entirely given to a troop that uses the color in question and occasionally given to the color that the troop creates. There are actually more or as many water link troops that use red mana as any other color, besides blue for obvious reasons, and the only reason yellow is more varied (marsh raptor) is a one-off design choice that he was intended to work with Mist of Scales troops, who do use blue.

Well its not about what exists now but a request to create something new that has water link and is red with either yellow brown or green as secondairy because theres not much customization in decks with only 3 red water link cards and so many red/blue cards around.

Use Valkyrie properly and you won’t need water link …


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Since we’re putting in our orders; Can I get a double bacon cheeseburger, small fry, and a extra large diet coke? On the health grind and all that. I’d like that delivered please Sirrian or Nimhain, thnx in advance.


Requests meant to fill a specific spot on your specific team are rarely granted. But, I supposed you can always hope.

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This request is too random.

I’d like more yellow/purple stoneskin troops with a mana drain armour buff spell, that’s just what my favourite team needs… dunno why the devs didn’t do it for me yet.