Traits with no sense for troops


i made a little research and i found few troops with traits without sense.

I mean traits name something link. Troops have traits but bonus is pointless.

Water link:

Marsh raptor, Shocktopus, silver dragon, valkyrii - they dont use blu gems

Fire link:

Falconer, Fire giant, Royal engineer - they dont use red gems

Stone link:

Sun sail, acolyte - they dont use brown gems

Nature link:

Dryad, Leshy, Nymph - they dont use green gems

Magic link:

Bastite priestess, Giant spider, Snowy owl - they dont use purple gems

Air link:

Anteha - she dont use yellow gems

Is there any chance to fix it and give for these troops any usefull traits?

thx a lot for answer :slight_smile:

I don’t understand. Just because a troop doesn’t use a color doesn’t mean the Link they provide is useless. Presumably you can create a team with that troop in it whereby other troops can benefit from the extra mana.

Perhaps the traits aren’t as useful as those that’d go to either the mana the troop needs or creates/converts, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless.


The idea is to build teams with synergy, where the traits and abilities of each troop helps other troops out.

For example, Valkyrie doesn’t USE blue gems, but she GENERATES blue gems. So her ability is very useful for troops like Kraken that use blue mana. Water Link just adds icing to that cake: if Valkyrie is in your party then all blue matches are worth more mana.

Troops don’t live in a vacuum. Generally only legendaries and mythics are self-sustaining. Some troops only exist to make other troops better.


In terms of bad or weak traits, the issue here is that quite a few mythics and legendaries have 1 or 2 traits that are underpowered for their rarity.

However, the link traits are almost always useful as you have missed the reasoning behind these link traits on troops that don’t use it. Valk for example transforms a color gem into BLUE GEMS which makes the link quite useful. Silver drakon is a support troop for kystenax so he can fill up quicker. He summons the silver drakons and uses blue mana. Silver drakon and Marsh raptor both can make blue gems as well under certain conditions.

I mean no offense, but please be a little through in your “research” or instead ask around for advice or just some tips as in most cases, the traits are done for power scaling purposes or strategic purposes.

They could always take away those nice traits and make them worse (like a couple of apocalypse troops I really liked).

Edit: dang got beaten to the punch while typing.

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thx to all for answers … now i know where is problem. When is somewhere write gain bonus from color i expect bonus only for this unit not bonus for all units


Very little mechanic details are in the actual game, that what this forum is for :yum::wink:

There is a lot of knowledge here, welcome


Yeah, I basically assumed this wrongly for 75% of my playtime as well…:sweat_smile: Only when I got Aurora and her third trait did it actually occur to me that this counts for all troops. I really wish such things would be explained in the game.


Here’s some fun with a couple of “useless” troop traits:

Fire Giant
Dragon banner

Couple of red matches and skulls. Enjoy.



The link traits should mention that they are for all units in the team. Other traits only affect the unit, so I also did assume link affects only the unit itself.

Technically, the trait is just creating the extra bonus of mana. Whoever would need that certain colour would get the mana. Using Valkyrie as an example again . . . she’s red/yellow, no blue used. . . .but we use her to fill other troops with all the blue she creates as well as the bonus blue she creates with her Water Link.