Snowy Owl 3rd trait change?

3rd trait is magic link for purple gem matches. Should probably be yellow gem matches as Snowy Owl’s only mana color is yellow.

It also Destroys Purple gems, so it can be very useful to help feed a purple team. The trait is more aimed at team synergy rather than the troop itself.


I moved this to gameplay chat, it’s not a support issue because it’s not a bug.

I can see both sides to this one - but not something to get hung up on given it’s a common troop that probably doesn’t get a huge amount of use…

His role in deck is as support, mana generator. There are some other support troop with same concept, the mana color they use different with the mana link on their traits.

  • Valkryie use Red/Yellow and transform any gems to blue, she has water link.
  • Giant Spider use Green/Blue and transform any gems to purple, she has magic link.
  • Dryad use Blue/Yellow and she creates green, she has nature link.
  • Bastite Priestess use Blue/Yellow and transform green to purple, she has magic link.
  • Acolyte use Blue/Purple he creates brown, he has stone link.

Marsh Raptor- uses Green/Yellow, doesn’t create or transform any gems, just does damage, has water link anyway because reasons