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Fire Giant - Fire Link

Good Afternoon, I’m still getting used to this site and I’m not sure if there’s something about this already or not, but I have questions pertaining to this specific unit. I have unlocked all the traits on this guy, however, his last Trait is “Fire Link”. He gets bonus red mana from red gem matches… the only problem with this is, he uses Yellow and Brown and nothing of red. Is there anything about this that I should know that it helps him or is this something that the Devs should fix, because this doesn’t do him any good.

Thoughts? Suggestion?
I’m open to anything.

It’s for synergizing with other troops that cause burns, many of which use red mana. The link traits apply to the full team, not just the character they’re on. It’s essentially a +1 to the banner for that color.


Oooooh! I thought it was just for them. I have a Fire Team… well, one character that sets ablaze and these the Fire Giants just add triple the damage is the target is on fire. When I match the red gems, I never see anything else go up or get added to anyone though. Perhaps I’ll watch more closesly next time.

Thanks for the quick response!

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