Link Trait question


Question here: How should the Link traits work?

Does it only work when the troop that has the trait receives mana?
Does it work with ANY match of correct color?

I have the Valkyrie with all three traits, the last one being Water Link. I’ve seen the water trait animation fire during a blue match but I don’t see any increase in her mana. Just for reference Valkerie’s mana colors are red/yellow.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?


The Link traits work in the same way a banner does - a +1 to matches. They stack with banners and each other. So if you have two Valkyries and the Stormheim banner, you gain 7 mana from a blue match.


Ahh… so it’ll increase the mana received for all other team members who use blue mana.

Thanks for clearing that up! :smile:


use it with serpent for maximum effect