Traits of Queen Aurora ain’t working! (Not a bug)

From the video ,you can see Arcane and Rainbow Link are triggered all the time , but no mana generated , please fix it !

I spent 300 dollars to get it and 70hrs to collect traitstones , I am so SAD now !

Rainbow link is simply a combined Fire Link, Water Link, Air Link, Stone Link, Magic Link, and Nature Link combined - you get bonus mana of that color when that color of gems is matched and follows normal acquisition rules - it doesn’t just go to Queen Aurora. This is working as intended. Your very first match you matched purple gems and got a surge for 7 mana (3x2 for the surge match, +1 for the link). Next, you matched 3 blues for 6 mana (3 for the match, +2 for the banner, +1 for the link). Nothing on your team uses red or brown, so this mana is wasted when you match those colors, but you are generating more of it, which is why the trait still triggers.

Arcane gives magic when an ally casts, not mana. Magic affects how much life she grants when casting her spell, not how much mana she has.


Thanks a lot , I understand now . Thought it would go to aurora…

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Hey BBBear, sorry for the delay. I’m glad Mithran could help you. :slight_smile: