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Giant spider magic link

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Just wondering if it’s an error. Giant Spider has Magic Link which gives bonus mana on purple matches. He uses green/blue mana. Am I missing something?

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But giant spider makes purple, so it makes it a better transformer, just like valkyrie with water link.


No thats correct! It has magic link because it is a purple transformer.
EDIT: Well irish is too fast xD

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Fast, and furious

But if it gets bonus purple on magic link doesn’t that only effect the gs? No other allies are getting the bonus purple. I watched the counts on matches. If it only applies to gs it’s a wasted trait because gs doesn’t use purple.

No your purple mana troops are getting the bonus purple mana. It adds +1 to all purple matches.

Ok thanks I see the bonus mana flash around mana count. Still learning the game. Newb blush.
But still one issue.
Amira isn’t recieving bonus purple half the time.