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Could i petition for Valkyrie to get a buff or revamp?

Now that theres loads of cards (even hero weapons) that raise souls… Valkyrie really falls behind…
The only good thing about her is that shes a red card with water link. (one of only three to begin with of which two are same color blue/red so pointless)
And her abillity to control blues is 100% trumped by cards like mercy anyway.

So 505… could you PLEASE consider revamping valkyrie? (not removing her red/yellow and water link obviously)

(this thread is kindof joint with my desperate need to keep water link in my all red team, but valkyrie as a card itself is stupidly weak)

I hope this thread gets some animo…

Valkyrie does not need to be changed. It’s one of the top troops for nearly any level, both offense and defense.

It’s just that it’s the only high soul gaining troop. It would be nice to see two other soul gainers that cover the rest of the colours.

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Explain her offences for me please, i just told you other cards trump everything she does… the only thing she can be used for atm is soul farming and she doesnt even do that as good as some other cards…
She desperately needs at the very least a buff so that she actually deals some damage or something…

Its a shame waterlink is wasted on her and not on another red/yellow or red/green card or something… sigh…

You wot m8?!

Valkyrie is the ONLY good soul generator.


While Valkyrie herself doesn’t actually have a damage output but it can fill great troops with considerable ease. Crimson bat, queen mab, emperor khorvash just to name a few.
So not only are you soul farming you are also killed the other team in 2-3turns.

Why does she have waterlink? She create blue gems. So the more blue mana you can
Get out of her the faster you can fill you blue mana damage dealers and the faster you win the game.


hero weapon

I still think she needs to actually hurt the enemy team aswell, either that or 505 should make a red/yellow red/green or red/brown other card have waterlink… way too little water link cards to begin with.

Are you being serious…?

If you are then I don’t know what to say to you.


I am done. I believed I explained why Valkyrie is a good troop decent enough. If you still don’t get it, well I can’t help you more than I already have.

Yes i get it shes good for blue troops but she still doesnt pose a threat, just sits there being a red water link thief.

ok close this thread theres no point ill make a different approach petition

There’s nothing to approach, she doesn’t need to hurt the enemy and your comparing her to Mercy makes no sense because they don’t even do the same thing since Mercy is a 12 cost that can only turn purple into yellow + heal, where Valk is a 10 cost that can turn any color into blue.

Valk isn’t weak, she’s still the best blue feeder + soul maker in the game (That hero weapon you’re referring to is no contest garbage btw) and is actually one of the few troops whose link effect isn’t the same as one of her colors and make’s her ability to feed blue even stronger.

You just want her adjusted for your team you never listed out which would probably help more.


I meant a different approach to the problem of her being one of only three red water link cards, asked for more red water link cards instead so i can eventually toss valkyre out of my deck and not lose the water link i desperately need to stay in.

I shouldve hotlinked the prev thread i guess so people understand what was behind it: I need a card. [ps4]

And this is the new: Need more red water link troops

p.s. yeah youre right about mercy shes yellow not blue, was confusing her a bit.

Valkyrie is, imo, one of the strongest troops in the game. It doesn’t NEED to deal direct damage to an enemy to be strong. The only mana converter that does any actual damage is Hellcat. And that’s just broken. However, Hellcat also has zero mana links, has color overlap with popular troops, costs two more mana to cast so that you can’t just get it up in a single five match unless you have the banner for it, and is an EPIC.

Valkyrie on the other hand converts to a very useful color, gives a VERY powerful resource, and enables the STRONGEST AoE damage troops in the game. Bat. Mab. Khorvash. Every mythic except Famine, as well.

Lets also put out there that by converting a color of gem, you are potentially denying the enemy their mana and on cast you almost always get an extra turn. Valkyrie is STRONG. The only REWORK we need is potentially getting more troops that can soul farm and a NERF to how strong her soul generation is.

I do not, however, advocate for a Valkyrie nerf. I like her as she is. We just need more stuff that can keep up with her soul farming.


Valkryie is brilliant as she is. Try pairing her with Emporer Khorvash, Crimson Bat, or Queen Mab and you’ll find out she doesn’t need to deal damage herself when she feeds some of the most powerful troops in the game.


The problem is nobody understands why you are so desperate for “water link” because, when used properly, Valkyrie fills every blue troop on a team (even without water link) AND grants a free turn AND generates 10+ souls on a single cast (the weapon you quote generates ONE soul) …

If anything this game needs MORE options for generating as many souls as Valkyrie does without having to use Valkyrie !!



They need to nerf Valk’s soul gains and buff soul gains more generally.


I agree, at least with the buffing other gains part.

Valkyrie is one of the most useful and most used troops in the game. She’s pretty mandatory for early to mid game players.

The OP makes no sense to me (or anyone else, it seems…)

It’s like killerman’s Dokkalfar push, but with Water Link instead. That clear things up?


Joint the other threads, the answer is that i only have one blue card in my red deck which depents on there being 2 water links in the team (and the whole deck containing part red) being 'wight. Having 2 water links in that deck means wight needs 2 3match blues to fill up completely. Thats why.

valkyrie is the only other red card with water link besides wight itself and its clone deep borer (has blue/red himself, just like wight so thats not an option and would slow the deck down)